Grace Barbers-Baja Tells Us Why She’s One Spoiled Mummy

Grace Barbers-Baja, The Spoiled Mummy

A devoted wife and a mother of three, Grace Barbers-Baja is no stranger to juggling busy event schedules and having large groups of guests at home. With a lifestyle blog called The Spoiled Mummy, Grace shares her tips on entertaining guests, food and travel recommendations, and the latest fashion and beauty trends told from a mom’s perspective.

Grace recalls, “People were telling me even then, ‘You’re good resource material. You like sharing stuff. You have all the information. So instead of us asking you all these questions, just write a blog. Be a resource for moms.’” And that is exactly what she did.

One year after her daughter was born, Grace was finally ready to go back to her passion—writing. With the help of a fellow blogger, she was able to connect with a blog coach who sorted things out for her. “So I tried it out for the first few months. Obviously, I didn’t really think of it as something that would grow so big. I was doing it out of hobby and passion. But I guess people caught up with it,” she shares. Having studied marketing in college, Grace was able to expand the blog to several businesses. She shares, “If I can sell other people’s products through my blog, I can sell my own products too. I might as well come up with my own product and sell it. But what product?”

celebrity mom grace barbers-baja

The Launching of a Dream

After months of research and development, the team launched Grace Home Manila, a line of home accessories. But Grace is not someone who rests on her laurels. Three years after its success, she grew the business further with Taste by Grace Home. The artisanal line of 3 cheese-pairing jams, three hors-d’oeuvres, and a luxe cookie dough gets her busy on holidays. “You know how crazy December is when it comes to food. It was like off the roof,” she exclaims.

As successful as her business has been going, Grace never puts motherhood in the backseat. “I guess just like with anything in life, you take on the challenge. And I love challenges. Time management is a very essential skill that I’ve learned. It’s always easier to say it but to do it is another thing,” she shares.

During the interview and shoot, Grace Barbers-Baja was also coordinating her teenage son’s party. She even shares how she made her amazing tablescapes. “Come up with a general idea first before you execute something. Know who your guests are. What’s their profile? What do they like to eat?”

So for my teenage son, obviously they don’t like heavy stuff or complicated things that we adults appreciate like foie gras. So I came up with a menu today. Simple—taco bar, churros, pasta, all according to their taste,” Grace shares.

celebrity mom grace barbers-baja

Mommy Matters

Every Mother’s Day, Grace is looking forward to being spoiled by the family. She encourages other moms to do the same too. She says, “Don’t feel guilty if you feel good about yourself. Make yourself feel spoiled by doing something that will benefit you rin, ‘di lang always them. And it’s not just about the big things, like luxury items. It could be your son taking care of you when you’re sick. We all need that, we all deserve it, we all deserve to be spoiled mommies.”

Given all the things she’s accomplished, redefining a word with a negative connotation doesn’t seem too difficult for someone like Grace.

To learn more, visit The Spoiled Mummy website.

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