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Astounding Modern Women: This Year’s GRLPWR is All About Family, Society, and You

The Rustan’s The Beauty Source’s GRLPWR Generation You event featured Audrey Zubiri, Daphne Paez, Happy Ongpauco-Tiu, and Yanna Cowper as the paragons of femininity we need in our homes and the community

We often wonder what makes a modern woman. Maybe we could measure it with how she handles every family matter with grace and calmness, or maybe we could observe how our mothers juggle jobs and responsibilities. Most of the time, we could see strength and poise in our sisters, cousins, or the women we witness in our day-to-day lives. Modern women, as we realized, are fully empowered and proactive women. 

March began with a bang with Rustan’s as the GRLPWR Generation You event kicked off splendidly by featuring four stunning modern women who each shared their stories and contributions in their community.

Audrey Zubiri, Daphne Paez, Happy Ongpauco-Tiu, and Yanna Cowper encouraged their viewers to not just use their voice, but to make a daring statement that leaves a mark in both their families and society. 

Left to right: Yanna Cowper, Happy Ongpauco-Tiu, Audrey Zubiri, and Daphne Paez

A grand entrance 

The event opened with a smile and upbeat greeting by host Issa Litton. She shared her own insights akin to an older sister offering advice to her friends or younger siblings. 

“We can make a difference whether it’s for our families, in our career, in our society, and soon even the whole world,” Issa said with confidence and passion. “Our actions can actually inspire young girls to be a better version of themselves.”

Issa then called on the four special guests: Audrey Zubiri, Daphne Paez, Happy Ongpauco-Tiu, and Yanna Cowper. They were all invited by Issa to play a fun digital game of truth or dare to start off the program. The ice-breaker proved fun and effective before Issa finally started a deeper discussion on femininity and its impact on our families and society.

For the youth

Yanna may be the youngest among the group, but she is nothing short of an amazing inspiration to the youth. Being a content creator is not an easy job, and this topic is something Yanna shared insights on, especially on days when she experiences mental blocks. 

“When I feel uninspired, I tell myself that it’s okay. I take it as a sign to take a step back,” Yanna said, reminding fellow women and breadwinners that it’s okay to rest. “I spend time in nature; it heals me,” Yanna even shared her favorite activities to give herself the break she deserves in between deadlines. “I like to be surrounded by people who inspire me and support me. I don’t give myself too much pressure if I can’t meet that deadline.” 

Yanna even reiterated that we shouldn’t keep things to ourselves when we’re in need of assistance. “Even though you are doing good right now and where you wanna be, never feel pressured to seek people who care about you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.” 

Issa added: “There is so much pressure on the young ones. Life is not a race.” 

Impactful mothers and entrepreneurs

Mothers are often busy at home and at their own jobs, but that doesn’t mean that they are no longer entitled to girl talks, something that Audrey, Daphne, and Happy all looked forward to on the day of the event. Sometimes, it’s difficult for young women to share personal stories, something Issa reminded us of, which then became the foundation of their first topic of interest. Women are often victims of double standards and this causes fear and negativity to arise. These three moms took it upon themselves to give steady advice to their daughters and the audience who joined them on the event. 

For Audrey, risks and negativity are considered as challenges rather than roadblocks. A natural optimist at heart, Audrey admitted that she loves to look at the bright side of life. “I believe in my hopes rather than my fears. This optimism and fearlessness is the strongest when it’s backed up by the combination of work, support, and preparation,” Audrey shared, preferring to look at all possible angles as calmly as she can. “When I know that it’s in line with my faith, values, and principles, then I can say that I’m at my most optimistic and fearless.” 

While Audrey was sharing, Happy nodded in agreement, stating that she is also a positive thinker and that her everyday tenacity comes from her motherly instincts. “I think it’s really being grateful for the little things in life,” Happy stated, remembering her own kids as she reminisces. “I admit that as a mother, sometimes I become fearful. I fear for my children and the future. But we have to foster our minds, we have to train our minds to think positive and be optimistic, then that fear disappears. I think moms out there can relate.” 

Meanwhile, Daphne offered an interesting approach to negativity. “Not everything bad is negative. There could be uncomfortable situations; there could be constructive criticism. Face it head-on, and try to assess. Is it worth it for me to react or is it just noise? If it’s noise, then chuck it away.” She continued: “I might as well make sure that my home and my family are okay; my business is honorable and I’m doing my best.” Daphne even joked about drowning out the noise by putting on a nice red lipstick. 

Issa immediately agreed with putting on red lipstick to feel strong and that a woman should go back to what matters—your family. “That’s one of the things I always say to my girls.” 

In taking risks when dealing with the pressures and negativity, Daphne likes to instill bravery and accountability to her children. “That’s exactly what I say to my three daughters. If you don’t try, if you don’t ask, then it’s a 100 percent no.” Encourage the younger girls to keep trying and if you go off-tangent from your main goal, the efforts of trying are not in vain. “You can still learn, you can meet new people, you can open new doors,” she added.

In conclusion, these women are not only strong because of their never-ending passion, but also because they desire to set an example to their children and their families. “Sometimes, we’re told we need so much to be happy but really, at the end of the day I realized that I value knowing my family is safe and healthy,” Audrey said. 

Embracing our true selves

As the program came to an end, Issa reminded the audience that this is exactly what girl power is all about: embracing ourselves, being empowered to do our missions, and being fearless in our life decisions. As women, we must all stand as one and unite in our advocacies. Rustan’s The Beauty Source encourages all girls of all ages to not be afraid of intimate talks such as these and sharing your own personal stories and seeking help, because we are never alone. Rustan’s Beauty Addict #GRLPWR Generation You was made possible by the following sponsors: ASTR, Charriol, Jane Iredale, Koh Gen Do, Moon River, Phyto, Ricardo Preto, Richmond and Finch, Seafolly, Stila, and Vivienne Tam. By exchanging our own stories, we not only gain new friends, but we also receive perspectives and emerge an empowered person.

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