Nice, Nice, Baby: How to Design a Kid’s Bedroom

The bedroom isn’t merely a place to sleep. Rather, it is a haven where your child starts to learn, dream, and socialize.

Decorating a kid’s room is but an easy task as there are a lot of things to consider. You want your child to feel comfortable and you want them to have plenty of space to store their clothes and toys. Not to mention you also have to think about whether your children would have a place for growing, creating memories, and making discoveries. Good thing Hamlet Kids Room makes it easier for you. They offer minimalist furniture and accessories that are specifically designed for your tiny tenant’s current wants and needs.

To start, here are six space-efficient “somethings” from the kids furniture store that encourage play, imagination, and creativity now and later on.

1. Something that keeps the room clutter-free

The Lorwyn Kids Rotating Bookshelf is a fun and functional bookshelf that makes organizing a breeze in a kid’s room. It rotates 360 degrees on a swivel, allowing your child to search for the books and games they want with ease. It comes in a 41x41x95 cm dimension, and a smooth white finish with blue or green color accent.

2. Something that doubles as a nook for storytelling

Toph Kids Tent House serves as a reading canopy for your little one, where they can ignite their imagination and begin their own adventures. It has a cotton cover, polyester curtain, solid pine poles on natural wood finish, and white hard plastic pole connectors. To add another layer of magic in your kid’s room, you and your kid can dress it up with lighting decors and accessories from Hamlet Kids Room.

3. Something that helps develop good habits

Lunella Kids Table and Chair Set features a star-shaped chair backrest and crescent moon table top that will have your little dreamer enjoy developing habits, like reading, coloring, and proper eating, all day long. The set is made of MDF boards with Beech wood legs. You can get them in white, pink, or mint green tables, all paired with a white chair.

4. Something that reduces the risk of slipping

Little ones are curious. They are known to have a habit of being all over the place all at once, and so the last thing you want are mini accidents. Thankfully, the Havenwood Kids Carpet cushions every trip and fall. With its nylon and wool material and 80x160cm size, playing pretend in your kid’s room with doll houses and toy cars can be more enjoyable and comfortable.

5. Something that they can grow into

Gaelen 5-in-1 Convertible Crib adapts to your kid’s growing needs—literally. It transforms into the type of bed your kid will need once they’re out of the nursery room, from infant to toddler years. With detachable wheels and conversion kits, the 5-in-1 can be converted into a newborn crib and playpen to a toddler bed with head and foot boards. It fits a 70x140cm mattress, with three adjustable mattress heights. You can get the convertible crib in grey, white, or brown, whichever complements the color of your kid’s room.

6. Something that chases bad dreams away

Emry Kids Mermaid Lamp is an adorable kid’s LED lamp with a ceramic mermaid-and-whale base and cloud-patterned lamp shade. It keeps the ambience in your kid’s room warm with a switch that enables you to adjust the lamp’s brightness. So, it allows your little angel to sleep sweetly through the night.

If you’re looking to design a bedroom where your little one can both play and grow, look no further than Hamlet Kids Room. To shop, visit their online store or any leading nursery and kids retail platforms. To stay updated with their products, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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