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Hindy Weber Everyday: Nature, Fashion and Motherhood

We spoke to Hindy Weber on what it’s like to live the #balikbukidlife, her fashion and skincare line and why its important for her to practice what she preaches

It’s been 15 years since Hindy Weber and her family packed their bags, said goodbye to city life and never looked back. Today, they are stalwarts in the sustainable living movement, which we can see in the success of Holy Carabao Farms. Fast forward a few years later and Hindy’s expanded into conscious fashion and skincare, with Hindy Weber Every.day. And to top it all off, her children are thriving, and have inherited her strong love of nature. Here’s what else we found out:

What’s the best thing about living on a farm?

Being near clean soil, amongst trees, fresher air, birds and critters – being cradled by nature. And eating food we ourselves grow.

Tell us more about your fashion line, Hindy Weber every.day — how is it different from anything (fashion related) you’ve ever done?

I’ve come full circle with my fashion line. After working in the retail industry for so long, I’ve grown dismayed and tired of its machinations. I thought I could never work in fashion again because now I have to apply my lifestyle choices to my business and that was very difficult to do because I could not find ethically grown and made textiles, dyes, trimmings.

I could not eat organic food and then be in a business that pollutes. I didn’t want that disconnection. I had to find a way to integrate them. It took many years but eventually I found the right sources and sewers to make my dream a reality.

Hindy Weber Every.day is earth conscious, responsibly hand made, using custom non-toxic dyes. I avoid micro plastics or plastics in any of my garments, trimmings and packaging. My manifesto is From Seed to Style. So we even care about the agriculture process of the fiber.

What is your biggest inspiration for your fashion line?

I am a fashion designer by trade. I love fashion. But it can be a very ugly and dirty industry. Hindy Weber Every.day is my tribute to all the beautiful women in the world who are also highly intelligent and conscious about all aspects of life.

What is the aesthetic of Hindy Weber every.day? Why is it perfect for modern moms?

Simple, understated, timeless but also unboring. You won’t look like everybody else, but you will also feel no need to stand out. The Hindy Weber Every.day pieces are versatile in that you can dress them up or down; buildable in that you can layer them with your existing pieces; and they will age well. By aging well I don’t mean that the material won’t move or the color won’t change. These are natural fabrics and dyes so they will change but I think that’s part of the patina of the garment that I want us to explore and enjoy.

Tell us more about Hindy Weber Skin: what made you decide to venture into skincare?

Fashion is like our second skin, and then there’s our biological skin — which I also wanted to “dress”.

And just like my clothing, I needed my Skin line to be good for the body and the planet. All-natural, premium botanicals are used for enriching, hydrating, vitamin-infusing benefits.

What’s your favorite Hindy Weber Skin product and why?

I can’t choose! Ive been testing them for over a year and I literally love them all and use them regularly.

What do your kids make of all this?

Now that they’re older, I do ask them for their opinions. And their opinions on sustainability can even be stronger than mine in some cases! They show curiosity and delight in my work. I think their favorite part of my work though is the carabao ice cream and the BalikBukid country fairs. Haha!

Any non-negotiable parenting principles? Tell us more!

We demand mutual respect at home. And that translates to everyone—our kasambahays, our furries, our visitors, each other. Actually, we teach them this about all of life, respect for all — even the littlest creepy crawly.

Also, you look amazing! What’s your beauty/exercise regimen?

Yoga, HIIT, CrossFit.
I also do facials once a quarter – but it should be once a month! Last time I had one was a year ago! I also have some RF or laser treatments for some skin woes like hyperpigmentation. Other than that, I use all natural skin products.

Thanks, Hindy!

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