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5 Honest Reminders for Parents with Toddlers

Toddlerhood can be quite difficult for both parent and child. But appreciating what’s developmentally age-appropriate lets parents with toddlers move away from labeling the stage as terrible.

Parents with toddlers are no strangers to the huge periods of developments that their little children go through. This includes experiencing big emotions—emotions that they can’t communicate quite well yet or even regulate. And so sometimes, they end up having meltdowns that leave you panicking, frustrated, or even angry. However, acknowledging that toddlers go through these developments can help you journey through toddlerhood. Here are some reminders in case you’re struggling according to The Dad Vibes.

1. Tantrums and meltdowns are healthy expressions of feelings

The sooner you throw out the idea that you need to fix, silence, or punish tantrums, the happier everyone will be. Plus, when you consistently validate your toddler’s feelings, you’ll see their tantrums decrease in intensity and duration. Not to mention—by accepting these meltdowns, you’re teaching your child that all feelings are healthy. Regardless if they are sad or mad feelings—these are just as important as happy feelings. So they don’t need to shove their bad feelings deep inside. This eventually results in a healthy and emotionally resilient adult.

2. Your perspective is what defines your attitude

parents with toddlers

Your attitude toward limit-pushing behavior is crucial. Additionally, your perspective is what defines your attitude. Testing, pushing the limits, defiance, and resistance are healthy signs that your toddler is developing independence and autonomy.

3. Children are humans, too

parents with toddlers

When you have a bad day at work or nothing goes according to plan, doesn’t it put you in a bad mood? Like adults, children also have grumpy moods, bad days, disrespectful tones, and even nasty attitudes. Yet unlike adults, they get punished for it! Parents with toddlers need to remember that children are humans, too. No one is perfect and you need to stop holding your children to a higher standard of perfection that you can attain yourselves.

4. Parents with toddlers need to remember that their child’s emotions are real

A child’s emotions are just as real as an adult’s. When they can’t have something and they end up having a meltdown, the emotions are real to them. The best thing that parents with toddlers can do is to let them know you see it, hear it, and understand it.

5. When toddlers have tantrums, they probably won’t listen to reason in that moment

parents with toddlers

It’s a primitive part of their brain that receives an intense surge of energy. This leaves your toddler unable to act calmly and reasonably. So the best thing to do at that moment is to hug your child, soothe them, or validate their feelings. When they calm down, that’s when you can explain things or use it as a teaching moment.

Parents with toddlers need loads of patience!

These reminders may be easier said than done. But parents with toddlers can also use these moments of meltdowns to practice patience and gentle parenting.

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