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How EJ Obiena’s Parents Played A Role in His Pole Vaulting Career

EJ Obiena shares how his parents, who are athletes themselves, gave him the will to pursue pole vaulting as a sport.

The past years saw EJ Obiena’s career rise as a pole vaulter. The Perche En Or gold medalist was recently introduced as the newest spokesperson of Milo last January 28. And during a video message, he addressed kids about his sport and how his parents played a big role.

“Some of you may not be familiar with my sport – pole vaulting. Or some of you may even say that Asians or Filipinos don’t excel in this specific sport,” EJ, who is currently in Europe, said. “Pole vaulting became my passion because of my father, who is a pole vaulter himself, and my mother who is a hurdler. Being surrounded by these influences, I started my champion journey at the age of 6.”

EJ, who found himself in controversies last year admits that the road to his career has not been easy in all aspects. But he chose to persevere. “Being a Filipino athlete has taught me to be resilient through these hurdles because of the support of my family, my fellow kababayans that I continue to power through.”

He also shared some words of wisdom for the kids who want to be athletes. “Take this opportunity to explore the options and your capabilities. Make the most of the programs that Milo Active Pilipinas has to offer. Who knows that through these doors, you will find the path to success and happiness.”

Champion through and through

Aside from the Perche En Or gold, EJ also won a silver medal at the 2023 Internationales Springer-Meeting in Cottbus, Germany early this year. Last year, he won a gold medal at the Brussels Diamond League in Belgium as well.

EJ, who is currently based in Italy for his training, ranks third in his sport. He won medals in the Asian Athletics Championships, too. Moreover, he participated in the 2020 Olympics Games in Japan. And he hopes to vie for a spot in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

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