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How These Celebrity Dads Celebrated Father’s Day

Without the limelight, glitz, and glam, these celebrity dads went for a more quiet way to celebrate Father’s Day.

Usually busy getting dragged through shoots and appearances because of their careers, some of these celebrity dads opted for something more quiet and wholesome. Some of them spent Father’s Day with their kids, having a bonding moment instead. But as Father’s Month is still ongoing, here are some heartwarming moments from celebrity dads as they celebrated Father’s Day.

Mark Herreras

Before going to bed, GMA dancer and actor Mark Herreras spent time with his son, Corky, playing bop it on one of the toys. He celebrated Father’s Day through a short video with his son and their nightly bonding time before bed.

He also made a tribute to his late father in another post.

Nico Bolzico

Humor needs some downtime as well, as celebrity El Padre Nico Bolzico celebrated Father’s Day with a short but heartwarming post of him with Thylane. “When you call me Papa, nothing else matters! Forever thankful to your mama for bringing you to this world!” wrote Nico. “#HappyFathersDay to all the Dads!”

Jim Bacarro

These boys have always bonded through music. Celebrity dad Jim Bacarro celebrated Father’s Day with short videos of the Bacarro band family practice with Pancho and Vito. Pancho even seemed to be getting a hang of using the drums.

Ogie Alcasid

Celebrity dad Ogie Alcasid celebrated Father’s Day with a visit to his late father, Herminio Alcasid. Additionally, he posted a throwback video of him and his father singing together.

Rodjun Cruz

Celebrity dad Rodjun Cruz received a sweet Father’s Day video from Dianne, compiling all his bonding moments with his son Joaquin.

Troy Montero

Troy Montero celebrated Father’s Day in a candid but witty way. He took a picture of him and Rocket just making a mess with a caption that probably had Aubrey asking how everything was going.

Juancho Triviño

When not hosting or on set, Juancho Triviño has another job: playing dad to his son, Liam. To celebrate Father’s Day and commemorate Year 1 of being a dad, he posted a montage of himself being one of the “big kids” with his son.

Anthony Pangilinan

Dad to 22-year-old Hannah Pangilinan, celebrity Anthony Pangilinan took to Instagram to share his wisdom with other dads as some are starting to celebrate their first year.

These celebrity dads find reprieve from the limelight on Father’s Day

Being in the limelight can sometimes be a toxic and messy affair. Father’s Day may be one of the few moments where these dads can be whatever they want to be. Whether it’s to be a horsey, a mentor, or a variety of other things to their kids, they just want a slight reprieve and a few moments of wholesomeness with their kids to remember why they continue staying in the limelight.

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