The Sitch on Itch: How to Alleviate and Prevent Heat Rash on Your Babies

Stop discomfort and irritation from letting your little one have fun

In a tropical country like ours, one of the most common problems that moms run into are heat rash or prickly heat that occurs on their baby’s delicate skin. During our year-round hot and humid climate, it’s only natural that we all sweat a lot. But excessive sweating can clog sweat glands, trapping perspiration beneath the skin which results in itchy red bumps or blisters: telltale signs of heat rash. These bumps usually appear where sweat mostly accumulates, like your baby’s face or skin folds on the neck, arms, legs, upper chest, and most especially the diaper area. 

Because some diapers might be thick and have a plastic covering, the skin around the diaper area is almost always moist with sweat. This, along with constant movement, friction, and kulob trapped inside a non-breathable diaper, can cause heat rash and irritation that can make your little one feel itchy and restless. Help your baby feel cooler and comfortable by preventing heat rash before it even occurs with these quick tips.

Keeping cool, literally

The simplest solution is to keep your baby in a presko environment—one with good ventilation and is at a comfortable temperature. This can be in an air-conditioned room, by having a fan ready, or by opening windows to help keep them sweat-free. Since heat rash is caused by clogged sweat glands and can be worsened by non-breathable diapers, it’s best to ensure your baby’s skin is dry to prevent clogging and irritation.

Less is more

A common idea that parents have when rashes appear or to prevent them from occurring in the first place is to apply products on the skin. But in reality, these can actually do more harm than good. Skip powders, lotions, ointments, or oils that can block pores further and make the heat rash worse. Instead, opt for lightweight clothing to allow ventilation around your little one’s body.

A presko perspective

Peace of mind and a cool feeling are now within reach for you and your little one. For your baby’s most delicate area, only use the best diapers from Pampers to provide that aircon presko feeling. The new Aircon Pants from Pampers use a unique technology that allows your baby to feel fresh, dry, and even up to 5 degrees cooler*. The innovative diapers are made with 10 million micro-holes to provide aircon presko breathability which is ideal for our daily humid weather, whether you’re spending the day outdoors or indoors. 

Keep your little one safe from itchy heat rash and make him feel cool, comfortable, and presko all day long. #ChoosePampers and try the new Aircon Pants.

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*Based on surface temperature technical test after liquid loading
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