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Ice Seguerra Shares Heartwarming Message from Daughter Amara

Ice Seguerra shares a message from his stepdaughter Amara on Father’s Day.

For Ice Seguerra, June is not just Pride Month but also Father’s Month — making it extra special. On Sunday, June 18, he shared a message from his stepdaughter Amara, who he shares with his wife Liza Diño.

In the message, Amara wrote of Ice: “Happy Father’s Day to my papa. I hate to think that some people think you’re just my stepdad. You have raised me and molded me into the great girl that I am today.”

Amara also thanked Ice for “raising my standards in men (and in relationships in general).”

“Watching you and mama love each other despite every challenge in life is so inspiring. Thank you for being the one for my mom,” Amara said.

Ice in the caption wrote: “My heart. Thank you for making this day special. I love you, Amara.”

Ice and Liza married in the US back in 2014 with Amara treating Ice like her own dad ever since.

Ice Seguerra Shares Heartwarming Message from Daughter Amara
Source: Ice Diño Seguerra Instagram

Ice Seguerra on Pride Month: Love will always win

Ice Seguerra also shared thoughts about the continuing fight for equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community. On Instagram, the “Pagdating ng Panahon” crooner wrote: “Coming out as a transman, I knew I would get a lot of hate. It’s as if my coming out also gave people a license to insult my character and, worse, the people I love.”

“I’ve dealt with these people ever since I can remember. Bigotry and homophobic slurs are part of my daily life. One can never get used to it, but if that’s the price I have to pay to live my truth, then so be it. But when my family is dragged into this, it is painful.”

Understanding the struggles of LGBTQIA+ families, Ice continued: “We must constantly prove ourselves and go above and beyond to be ‘worthy’ of society’s acceptance. Never mind if we’re good people, they will reduce us to nothing to prove they are ‘right’ about who they think we are.”

And while hate will continue against members of the community, Ice said it makes him determined to continue fighting.

“To my wife, daughter, mama, brother, friends, and allies, thank you for loving me enough to withstand all the hurtful things they say about us. Thank you for holding the fort and being my sanctuary when it becomes too much. You make me believe that love will always win.”

Ice Diño Seguerra
Source: Ice Diño Seguerra Instagram

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