ICYMI: The Aliw Theater Opens Again

After being destroyed by a fire in 2019, the newly-built Aliw Theater opened again to the public this month.

After a fire destroyed it back in 2019, the Aliw Theater is once again open to the public and families can now watch ballet performances. Prima ballerina Lisa Macuja-Elizalde shared photos of the opening on Thursday, August 11.

“I made a promise in October 2019 that we would rise again – like a Phoenix from the ashes – and @balletmanila will have a home once more,” Lisa wrote.

“We reopened @aliwtheaterofficial yesterday in a simple ribbon cutting ceremony; walking tour and short performance of three excerpts from my La Traviata and Cinderella and Martin [Lawrence]’s Romeo and Juliet.”

Photo from lisamacuja

The theater has a sitting capacity of 1,275 according to its Instagram page and is part of the Elizalde Complex which has various multipurpose halls as well. The Aliw Theater can house concerts, ballet performances, and other live events.

Photo from Aliw Theater

Teaser before the opening

Prior to the opening of the theater, Lisa teased about it rising like a phoenix.

“Relaunch Relaunch Re-open Rise! Rise! Rise! Like a Phoenix.”

Photo from lisamacuja

The Aliw Theater was badly damaged back in 2019 when a fire hit the compound which also houses Star City. As restrictions eased, Star City re-opened last March. Families can head over to enjoy spending time with each other!

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