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4 Important Details You Need to Know from the Flash Trailer

Warner Bros recently released the official Flash trailer where Ezra Miller stars as Barry Allen.

After making a cameo appearance in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ezra Miller returns as Barry Allen in The Flash, the first standalone movie for the superhero that Andy Muschietti directed. The film is one of the four projects pushing ahead as part of the reboot under the revamped DC Studios headed by Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn and producer Peter Safran. The Flash trailer, which was released Monday, February 13, gave a peek into what the movie has in store for DC fans. Based on what was teased, it clearly deviates from the TV version that stars Grant Gustin.

Here are four important details from the Flash trailer:

Barry meets Barry

screenshot from The Flash Trailer

In one scene, the present Barry meets the past Barry as they try to fix the past and present, which eventually changes the course of their lives.

Two Batmans in the film

Batman appears on The Flash Trailer

In the trailer, Barry talks to Bruce Wayne played by Ben Affleck. He then meets Batman this time played by Michael Keaton. Michael previously played the role in two Batman films.

The appearance of Supergirl

Supergirl appears on The Flash Trailer

Although we won’t be seeing Henry Cavill wearing the famous red cape and S sign, Supergirl aka Kara played by Sasha Calle appears in the film.

General Zod’s return

General Zod

It’s not only Supergirl and Batman who make an appearance. In his bid to save his family, Barry finds himself trapped in a world where General Zod (Michael Shannon) returned, putting the world in danger.

The Flash opens internationally on June 14 with the US release on June 16.

The Flash

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