It’s Showtime Host Reminds Parents About Checking on Their Children’s Mental Health

During the segment EXpecially For You, Amy Perez, Anne Curtis, Jhong Hilario, and Vhong Navarro reminded parents and kids about talking to each other about their mental health.

Here’s a reminder for parents and their kids to be open about what they go through in life. During the Expecially for You segment on It’s Showtime on Monday, February 19, the hosts—led by Anne Curtis—talked about the importance of talking to each other.

Anne, Amy Perez, Jhong Hilario, and Vhong Navarro shared their thoughts as the pair, Pia and Jarod, talked about confiding to their parents about their problems. “Let’s take this opportunity for us as parents to try and take notice of our children if they are going through something,” Anne said. “Reach out to them, kausapin.”

When Jarod mentioned that he is slowly opening up to close friends, Anne mentioned it’s important to “find that person” you can confide to.

Source: Showtime

It’s Showtime hosts: Check on your kids

Jhong also shared that these days, with so many distractions, it’s important to take the time to check on each other.

Amy meanwhile that if it’s hard for kids to talk to their parents, it’s the parents who should initiate. “I-try ‘nyo din. Minsan, iniisip ng mga bata na baka mahirap makipag-usap kay mama kasi mamagagalit na naman siya,” she explained.

So huwag din tayo mag-assume ng ganun,” she added. “Be open—yung anak sa magulang and yung magulang sa anak. Mahirap kasi sa magulang galit agad eh wala pa sinasabi yung anak.

Vhong also emphasized the importance of understanding, while Anne added parents should know that they’re dealing with a different generation.

Amy chimed in, pointing out that while it’s a challenge for the generation before her to understand today’s kids, it’s important that they also adjust to how today’s generation thinks. “Kung talaga sinasabi natin na mahal natin yung ating mga anak, we will learn how to adjust para mas makaintidihan,” Amy advised.

So parents and kids out there. Always check on each other. Because in these trying times, people may need a listening ear and a helping hand.

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