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Jackie Lorenzana: New On The Menu

Always seeking new ideas from the culinary world, Jackie Christian-Lorenza cooks up a recipe that strikes a balance between self-improvement, family, career and self-care. 

Jackie Lorenzana

Jackie Christian Lorenzana and her husband, Carlo Gordon Lorenzana, are celebrated among food circles for their ingenuity and passion for food. It was their vision that birthed modern dining concepts like Nikkei, (and its off-shoot Nikkei Nama Bar) Single Origin Osteria, and Sunae Asian Cantina. But even amid these successes, complacency has never found its way to their table of gustatory delights. Apart from running several food concepts, Jackie is committed to ensuring that balance goes beyond meals and extends to family life and self-care. 

Changing the Menu for Life

At home, the importance of academics, art, and staying active are ingrained and encouraged. “I try to limit the use of gadgets beyond schoolwork, so I had to make the boys’ study and activity room fully stocked with art materials and books. The kids and I love painting. I’ve filled the wall with all their artwork, and it has slowly turned into their own little gallery,” Jackie beams. Aside from painting, walks in the park with the kids are cherished. 

Meals at home are prepared thoughtfully, with the occasional pizza parties treat. Both Jackie and Carlo are adventurous when it comes to discovering new flavors. They impart this mindset for staying open to new things with their children. She expounds, “We have a deal with the kids to try something new each time. Encourage them to take at least one bite to explore and open up their palates to different flavors, and discover what their preferences are.”

Maintaining a Dynamic Mindset

This same mindset applies to parenting, which Jackie acknowledges as an ongoing learning experience. Similarly, she regards balance as an active responsibility—not just an act. This realization and openness for learning inspired her to take up a six-month course at Wharton midway through the lockdown. She juggled self-improvement with demands at work and home. She muses, “I had to learn how to take a step back and try to focus on what was in front of me. I learned to be in the moment, especially with my children. Instead of thinking that I have my hands full, I’m grateful that I have the privilege to be home with them.”

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