Jaclyn Jose is Right: “Kids Are NOT A Retirement Plan!”

“We shouldn’t make our kids our retirement plan. Our problems shouldn’t be their problems,” remarks Jaclyn Jose.

Because Filipino families insist on strong ties, the majority of the actions taken are done for the sake of the family. Any thought of doing something for oneself appears “selfish” and it can be quite hard to shake off that shame. But when asked about the idea of kids being a retirement plan during a press conference, veteran actress and solo parent Jaclyn Jose responds—appalled by the idea.

“It’s our responsibility as parents to take care of the kids, not the other way around! They’re still kids,” Jaclyn adds. “We are supposed to love, care, support, and help them in any way we can.”

Photo from Jaclyn Jose

“I never took a single centavo from them.”

Single mother to both Andi Eigenmann and Gwen Garamond, Jaclyn Jose once struggled to make ends meet. But it has always been her greatest pride to never ask money from them. She also related it to her soon-to-be-released movie Tahan where she plays the domineering mother who exploits her daughter.

“I know life is hard and it can push us to make horrible decisions,” she clarifies. “But, I hope that Tahan enlightens mothers on what happens when they continue to pressure their kids to support them.”

She likens the idea to “prostitution”, noting that it was a common practice that needed to be stopped. From beauty pageants, YouTube channels, and even becoming an OFW, many of these pursuits are often exploited. Some Filipino families even pressure and bully their relatives or kids in these pursuits for money. But Jaclyn’s response is a word of wisdom to many.

“Don’t obligate your kids to pay for your dreams. They have their own.”

Photo from Jaclyn Jose

Jaclyn Jose’s passionate response is proof of how gratitude became toxic in Filipino families

A lot of Filipino families justify this pressure because they “invested” their time and attention into their kids. There will also be some who would create a list of sacrifices that some may use to guilt-trip and twist the person’s arm. Just like what Jaclyn Jose said—our role as parents is to love, nurture, support, and help our kids in any way we can. Our kids are not just assets from a bank but real, live, breathing individuals who have dreams of their own.

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