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JC Intal: From Court to Canvas

Although JC Intal misses the thrill from the court, he finds it again as a dad and as a painter.

When we see that our work is taking us away from our kids, it’s easy for us to choose which one we should give up. And for JC Intal, he made that choice last March 21. After 20 years of shooting hoops and spending months away from his family, he decided to hang up his jersey to focus on being dad to his daughters 5-year-old Lucia and 2-year-old Carmen. While playing dad to his two daughters, he also found the time to pursue one of his old passions: painting.

PBA: Player Becomes Artist

When athletes retire, they often fade into the background and live a quiet life. But for the last two years, JC Intal has made waves as a painter ever since his first exhibit — the Rookie Mistake. “My passion for art was rekindled and it was very timely too,” JC explains. “After my retirement, I wanted to try again as a rookie artist. Now, I’m enjoying and learning more stuff about art. Although there is a bit of pressure, I’m happy where I am.”

Photo credit: Magic Liwanag

However, it didn’t happen overnight. “Around 3 years ago, I met up with a friend was an artist. We just kept hanging out. Then, one day I just came home with some oil and canvas and began painting with my daughter, Lucia. Bianca nalang got shocked when she saw how many paintings I had,” laughs JC. “She even asked where we were going to put it. So, I just said in the house. It’s where it all started until I had enough pieces to make a show.”

Although he still misses shooting hoops, he doesn’t regret choosing to be a dad and the life of a painter. “I’m happy that I get to spend time with my kids, with my wife. Wala na akong boss, wala na akong coach. My time is my own,” he laughs. “But I do have a studio though which is a 30-minute trip from the house. Two days ago, Lucia even asked me, “Daddy, can I go with you to your studio? I want to see you paint. Actually, nagulat ako when she asked.”

JC Intal’s Approach To Art

Photo credit: Magic Liwanag

We often separate sports from art because they look so different. But for JC, they make him happy just the same. “When I hold a basketball or my palette and knives, the joy they give me is almost similar. When I have a good game, it’s a really good feeling especially after all that training. Same thing with painting especially when you finish it. You have to discipline yourself and don’t force yourself.”

A Painter Dad’s Inspiration

When we often create something, we sometimes end up placing a bit of ourselves in it. Especially in creating abstract art, JC gets his inspiration from his daily life, experiences, and his family. “Bianca’s definitely one of my inspirations,” he laughs. “You can find inspiration from other family members and even your friends. But most of my art focuses on my daily experiences, daily emotions so, you’ll notice there are dark works but there are also bright works.”

Striking that perfect balance between work and family

JC lovin’ life being a girl dad to Lucia and Carmen

It’s no easy feat to find that perfect balance between work and family, especially after staying in a particular career for so long. While we will miss the thrill of success from our careers, JC Intal shows we are more than just our careers. And although JC won’t have crowds cheering his name from the stand, he’s more than happy to have his three biggest fans — Bianca, Lucia, and Carmen — cheer, support, and inspire his passion for painting.

Photography KIERAN PUNAY
Shot on location at UNWND Flats

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