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Jerika Ejercito: “Marriage is Not About YOUR Happiness.”

Celebrity mom of five Jerika Ejercito shares the truth about marriage along with little snippets of wisdom.

Marriage may have a lot of good times but, there are a lot of bad times, too. We always end up deciding between leaving our partner, strangling them, or loving them much harder. In most cases, we always try to do the lattermost. But it becomes difficult especially when we only think about our happiness to which Jerika Ejercito offers some wise words, “If you’re getting married with your own happiness as your main goal, you will be disappointed in a severe way.”

Jerika Ejercito and husband
Source: Jerika Ejercito Instagram

The many truths about making a marriage work

Attraction is where everything starts but marriage, according to Jerika, is a whole different ball game. “It [Marriage] is about love and not the shallow “you complete me” kind of love but rather it is about sacrifice, serving, giving, forgiving—and then doing it all over again.”

It’s easy for a person to sacrifice, serve, give, and forgive when conditions are extreme and extraordinary. But it’s the ordinary days that are a true test of making certain sacrifices.

“This is especially true in the ordinary days that requires extraordinary sacrifices. Because at the heart of it, real love is all about sacrifice. About the giving of yourself, in ways big and small.”

Are you ready to pay the price?

Everyone has their own reason for marrying someone. Some marry out of love. Others marry because they have a kid on the way. But whatever the reason is, it still confirms what Jerika acknowledges: “Love/Marriage WILL COST YOU.”

“It will cost you your heart, it will cost you your time, it will cost you your comfort, it will cost you your rights and your pride, it will cost you your dreams and sometimes even your goals. It will cost you to ‘lay down your life’ for the life of another,” she enumerates. “But only those who learn to die to themselves are the ones who get to experience the resurrection power that comes with it—a resurrection into real love, into real life, and into meaningful relationships.”

Especially for the many of us who are experiencing a rocky time in a relationship or trying to make a marriage work, perhaps its time to reassess and ask: “What comfort zone am I willing to leave because there’s probably something better out there?”

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