Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano Celebrate Rosie’s Baptism

Rosie, also affectionately known as Baby Peanut, joins the Christian World.

Celebrity modern parents Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano recently celebrated their daughter, Rosie’s, baptism. They made an official post about it last night on their Instagram accounts, revealing the very floral white-and-pink affair. Even in the past, many of Jessy Mendiola’s events involving she and her family were floral in theme, making the baptism’s reception no different with the center theme being Rosie’s namesake: a pink rose.

A Blooming Event

Jessy Mendiola, Luis Manzano, and their daughter Rosie during the little girl's baptismal reception.
Source: Jessy Mendiola IG

Besides flowers adding a fresh take to the baptismal reception, Rosie has quite a star-studded lineup for her Ninangs and Ninongs. Among them were celebrities Alex Gonzaga and Nikki Gil — with both posting on their Instagram accounts how honored they were to be selected as Rosie’s godmothers. Fitspiration Kat Garcia, founder and owner of Body by Kat, was also one of Rosie’s Ninangs.

Source: Nikki Gil IG Stories

The place simply bloomed to life with roses as table centerpieces and even a pink cake decorated with butterflies and flowers.

During the Baptism, the Mendiola-Manzano family had a loving photo including celebrity grandparents: Edu Manzano and Vilma Santos.

Unfortunately, not all of Rosie’s loving Titas could attend with some of them categorizing themselves as the “OFW Titas” and that they would make “bawi” when they return to the Philippines. But we’re sure Rosie felt very loved based on her big smile.

Welcome to the Christian World, Rosie!

The Filipino culture is a family-based one. Not only does Rosie have her immediate family but also those in the Christian family. When she needs help, they’ll be there to guide her. Parenting and life may never be a bed filled with roses but Rosie has made a lot of roses bloom in Jessy’s and Luis’ lives. One smile from her and the whole room blooms with joy. Welcome to the Christian World, Rosie!

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