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Jessy Mendiola’s Vlog Challenges Us to Ask the REAL Questions

As soon-to-be parents and as a couple, Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano deal with the REAL questions on their latest vlog that couples are usually afraid to ask.

There are some valid questions that need answering but more often than not, we never voice them out. Whether it’s to avoid the discomfort of confrontation or wanting to avoid a fight, we bury the questions instead. Unfortunately, that does not make them any less valid. Avoiding the question can also lead to unprocessed feelings—which is why we’re proud of Jessy Mendiola’s latest vlog where she asks the REAL questions. Check out the vlog below:

The Changes of Here and Now: From Couple to Soon-To-Be Parents

From asking what they were like prior to what boundaries they had to set, there was a lot to talk about especially on Luis’ side as a soon-to-be dad. “It’s different now when you’re planning because you’re bringing a new life to the world,” Luis shares when asked about the difference between who he was then and now. “Mas nagiging laser-focused ako sa anong gusto kong gawin sa buhay.”

When asked about what changes he had gone through as a soon-to-be dad, he first joked about his body changes. “Ako na yung kumakain imbis na ikaw,” he deadpans. “Ako yung tumataba imbis na ikaw.”

But he also candidly revealed what it meant to be a soon-to-be dad. “Pa minsan, minsan, may mood swings ikaw [Jessy], so, kumbaga, dagdag patience na lang. Na alam ko na it’s not you perse, mamaya may kaunting Peanut tsaka may kaunting hormones. May nagsasabi na yung iba nagiging terror during pregnancy. Pero kaya kong sabihin na si How-how hindi.”

When asked about being a parent, Luis shared that he thought he turned out okay. “I could still feel the core of what they were teaching me naman. Like, how I should be to other people.”

Meanwhile, Jessy shared what she loved the most about Luis’ parents: how they treated their kasambahay.

As for advice for all the men with expecting wives out there, Luis gives a valuable nugget of wisdom. “You are a husband, first and foremost. You are a partner, first and foremost. Because when your kid grows up and maybe leaves for another country, you’ll be left with each other. Never forget that at the end of the day, you will always fall back to being a husband.”

When the insecurity starts to poke holes…

Another one of the real questions she asked was how Luis saw her physically. Pregnancy may be an amazing journey but the sight of our bodies can make us hate the way we look. All the more because for many years, it’s been heavily ingrained that being big wasn’t beautiful. We end up not asking but instead listening to the voices in our head (powered by pregnancy hormones!) that tell us that we’re not beautiful enough.

Jessy Mendiola revealed on her vlog that there were a lot of changes she had to accept. “I had some bikini photos. And even the size of my clothes, I was an XS. Now, I’m a Large.”

She also shared awareness for Pregnancy Rhinitis: a stuffy nose that just won’t go away during pregnancy because of the hormone imbalance.

One thing she opened up about was her insecurity because of the many physical changes she saw. “I do get insecure,” she admitted. “Kasi people say na kung buntis ka, parati ka masaya. But honestly, and you know this” — referring to Luis — “mahirap tanggapin para sa akin na lalaki ako. O mag-iba ang itsura ko.”

Jessy Mendiola's advice: "Never forget about yourself."
Source: Jessy Mendiola YouTube

She shared three things moms or expectant moms can do to handle the anxieties of being a parent, too. “Pray, always be open to your partner, and most of all, never forget about yourself,” she advises.

Ask the questions no matter how mundane they are!

The biggest source of conflict in a relationship is that we sometimes are quick to assume the answer because we feel that we know them that well enough to predict their response. We then start making preparations and stressing ourselves out, only to realize that we were wrong. Keeping the line open and creating a safe space is always important for couples and for parents. Because once that’s possible, it’ll be a lot easier to raise a child without thinking that your partner is just going to contradict you all the time.

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