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Kelly Misa-Fernandez is Finding Time & Staying Grounded

The ‘Trending With Kelly’ host has transitioned to working from home, basking in the luxury of quality time with her family, and remaining hopeful.

When the pandemic hit early last year, the whole world was turned upside down. Our lives were affected in ways we couldn’t imagine and it’s no different for Kelly Misa-Fernandez.

As a travel show host and lifestyle blogger, she was used to the bustle of a jam-packed schedule, with hardly any time to fully catch her breath. Seemingly overnight, all of that changed. We caught up with Kelly and asked about what she’s been up to, and how she’s managed to adapt to what is now known as our “new normal”.

Life on the ground

Being at home in isolation, just like the rest of us, was in itself a major change for Kelly. “My travel show is grounded, we are on a break right now because it is impossible to sustain. All my work that involves live and taped hosting, events, and anything social media related have been affected,” shares the social media influencer.

Thankfully, she has been able to work from home, creating styling videos and product reviews on IGTV which helps smaller, local companies gain traction through her platform— this has been her advocacy throughout the pandemic.

Hosting a travel show meant her small family was always on the move, including her son, Tristan, who started going on trips with them when he was only four months old. Keeping busy at home has been a difficult transition for her, to the point where she even found herself with travel withdrawals. “I always dream I am on my way to the airport and that I might miss my flight. My mind is looking for the travel experience it has gotten used to,” says the wife and mom.

Another adjustment, which actually tops her list, is homeschooling her five year old son. She admits it has been one of the harder things she’s had to tackle, “I am not a teacher, and I’ve realized this isn’t my strong suit. But it helps that my son is young. I try to make it fun for him to learn, and when I get too strict with him, he closes off. So, it’s a matter of extending my patience and being fun teacher-mom.”

The pandemic pivot: being more hands-on with Tristan’s education

Before schools shut down, Tristan was attending half-day classes on weekdays. When we were all forced to retreat to the confines of our own space, Kelly enrolled him in monthly online activities to keep him busy, until she noticed that he wasn’t responding well to classes on Zoom. She explains, “He did follow these online classes up to a point, but he really thrives with one-on-one teaching. So, I took matters into my own hands and started teaching Tristan myself.”

She has spent the good part of the last year teaching her son how to read, write, and do basic Math and Filipino. They dedicate two hours a day (including weekends) to his education, and have made significant progress.

In between, Kelly finds time to shoot content for the day or the week, and edits all the photos and videos herself. “Editing is a time consuming task. While I do that, I allow Tristan to play with his devices, watch a movie, or play Minecraft via his Nintendo Switch.” She adds, “Then, we take an afternoon walk to the park where Tristan plays, and after dinner, we watch a movie— I make popcorn or grain-free pizza, and it’s off to bed.”

Keeping it all together

Since we’ve all had to stay put, it was obvious our initial concern was about keeping the kids preoccupied and making sure they were alright. It didn’t take long before we noticed the effects being on lockdown had on our own well being. “I try to manage my thoughts and deal with cabin fever, mostly. It can be easy to go down a negative spiral when everyday seems like it’s the same day, but I try to fight it. I change things up and I try to write them down to remember,” says Kelly.  

She continues, “This goes hand in hand with staying healthy— eating whole foods, eating healthy, fasting, exercising, and sleeping on time. I try to keep a schedule or routine everyday for my mind to cope with staying home. It hasn’t been easy. I realized it is so important to take walks around the village, to see nature, and other people.”

When things go south, Kelly takes a step back, “For not so good days, I try to relax. I pour myself a glass or wine or I have a beer. I order my favorite food from my favorite restaurant and really enjoy it. I try not to feel guilty for indulging, because I know I deserve a break.”

Fashion stays trending

As for keeping things on trend, fashion remains constant. Her personal style has evolved since the start of her career as a model, where it was all about looking cool and rocking only the latest fads. These days, it’s quality over quantity, timeless and classic pieces.

“It has to be an investment piece and I have to picture myself using it until I’m 80. I am going to be 40 this year, so this is going to be a big milestone for me. This is why I am all about filling my closet with classic statement pieces that I know will last me. Also, I’ve learned the magic of decluttering lately— I love how it helps keep my house clean because I only keep things I truly love.”

Why the Metrobank Cashback Visa is always essential for Kelly Misa

When it comes to spending know-how, Kelly shares that the best way to approach shopping is by being smart. With the Metrobank Cashback Visa, Kelly is able to get up to 8% rebate on groceries and even school supplies — perfect for homeschooling her son, Tristan. It’s the perfect partner to have in the new normal, where almost everything is done online. For essentials such as school expenses, groceries, mobile phone bills, and internet subscriptions, moms like Kelly need something they can rely on — and the Metrobank Cashback Visa is just that. Plus, it offers 0.2% rebate on online shopping, fuel and dining — talk about a great deal!

Being present is a gift

While just being at home has been tough, Kelly reveals that she also sees the good in her situation, “My silver lining has been the gift of time. I never had time to do anything before. I was constantly stressed and frazzled, dealing with traffic, deadlines and people. Now, all of that is gone. I mean, I still have deadlines, but it’s workable.”  

As we all wait for a turn in the tide, Kelly stays ready for when that time comes. “I always look forward to future beach trips. Hopefully, we get to go on one soon.” For now, she remains hopeful, grateful for the blessings, and working with the flow of her newfound lifestyle. That’s the kind of mindset we can all get behind. 

Photography by: Miggy Abesamis
Video Editing by: Patty Sacay
Art Direction by: Ferdi Salvador
Makeup by: Tamara Pineda of NARS Cosmetics
Hair by: Joseph Fantone of The Color Bar PH
Styling by: Bang Pineda
Shot on location at: Okada Manila

With special thanks to @metrobankcardph

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