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Kim Seon-Ho Delivered a Color+Full Show for His Audience

Korean star Kim Seon-Ho, known for his roles in Home Town Cha Cha Cha and Start Up, recently entertained his fans at his Color+ Full tour at the Mall of Asia Arena.

If you’ve watched Korean dramas Home Town Cha Cha Cha or Start Up, chances are you’ve seen Kim Seon-Ho play the role of Hong Du-sik, the multihyphenated village chief, or “good boy” team leader Han Ji-peyong.

After his visit last year to the Philippines for an awards event, the actor returned to the country last April 13 for his Color+Full Asia tour—held at the Mall of Asia Arena. The event was made possible by Nutriasia, with Seon-Ho formally making his debut as the brand ambassador for UFC’s Quick Chow products.

Kim Seon-Ho fan meet in Manila
Photo from moaarena Instagram

Starting on a fun note

It’s Showtime host Ryan Bang got the crowd pumped up, announcing that lucky audiences will have the chance to meet Seon-Ho on stage and play some games. After a short video, Seon-Ho came on stage, performing the song “Miracle,” which he co-wrote.

Ryan then greeted Seon-Ho who greeted his fans with some of the Filipino words he got to memorize. He was also clearly touched by the reception he had gotten from the crowd at the Arena.

After exchanging a few stories, Ryan proceeded to the first part of the program to get to know Seon-Ho. They played color roulette, wherein he explained the letters of a color. He also explained the story behind his name and asked the audience what English name would they like to have for him.

During the conversation, Seon-Ho shared many things about himself—including his love for dogs and wanting to explore another city. He also added he would like to visit the seaside areas and would also like to try lechon someday.

The second activity he did was pose as emoticons from his photos and shows. Of course, the crowd screamed and encouraged him to pose some more.

Kim Seon-Ho fan meet in Manila cooking with UFC Quick Chow
Photo from moaarena Instagram

Kim Seon-Ho takes on “Mission Kimpossible”

The next round of the meet and greet saw Seon-Ho interact with his fans. They played several games including a drawing quiz and a segment called “Mission Kimpossible,” wherein he had to do some movements like sipa.

After the games, Seon-Ho showcased his cooking skills in a segment called Ho Cheling Restaurant, where he got to cook some fried rice, using the UFC Quick Chow products he’s endorsing. Three lucky fans got to taste his sample cooking and of course, they gave it a good rating.

As the show came to a close, Seon-Ho thanked his Filipino fans and assured them he’d return to the country. He also thanked NutriAsia, the company who brought him in for the fan meet, and said he’ll do his best as their ambassador.

Before he left, Seon-Ho was given a surprise video by his fans to celebrate his birthday in advance. At one point in the video, he could not help but tear up.

Seon-Ho sang one last song before saying goodbye. The fan meet was definitely a colorful one with fans hoping to see him again soon.

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