“No Yaya, No Diapers!” Korina Sanchez’s Relief On Her Kids’ First Day at Preschool

Korina Sanchez-Roxas celebrates with relief as her twin kids went to school “without issues”.

When it comes to twin kids, Korina Sanchez knows it’s either double the trouble or double the fun. And to her delight, twins Pepe and Pilar had no problems at all during their first day at preschool! “The twins held hands and went to school together, excited!” Korina cheerfully reported on her Instagram. “Can’t imagine this is the first in MANY YEARS MORE of school!”

Every parent’s dream for their kids’ first day in school

Twins, being connected, will feel what the other twin feels. If one feels disappointed, so will the other. And for Korina, it’s a big relief. Most kids suffer a form of separation anxiety especially when they know that their moms won’t be back for a while. When kids form a strong attachment to their parents, they do have their doubts at first but eventually find themselves enjoying the experience. So long as they know their mom will come back for them, they’ll be fine. Just like how Pilar and Pepe went to school with no complaints.

Korina Sanchez-Roxas' kids: Pepe and Pilar
Twins Pepe and Pilar Sanchez Roxas
Image Source: Korina Sanchez-Roxas

Gearing kids up for face-to-face classes without issues is ideal.

Every mom wishes they can drag their kids to school without issues. Younger kids tend to be scared of the new environment. Meanwhile, for teens, it’s dragging them out of bed. Young adults, some moms still find themselves turning off the aircon and scolding them to get up. But we’re hoping that Korina Sanchez will eventually share her secret about how she got her kids, Pepe and Pilar, to go to preschool with little to no anxiety.

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