Mom To Mom, Can We All Just Leave Kris Aquino Alone?

Nobody wants their children to be the subject of public scrutiny, so why give Kris a hard time?

Last Sunday, Kris Aquino — the Queen of All Media — went on a rampage via a tell-all on Facebook Watch and IGTV. If you’re surprised that she went ahead and aired all her issues, you haven’t been paying attention.

In the last few weeks, she’s been defending her sons — Josh and Bimby, who have been the target of cyber bullying and harassment. Attacks came from every direction as rumors continued to make its rounds on social media, with stories getting twisted at every turn. It came to a point where she had to step up and make a statement about Bimby’s sexual orientation and Josh’s supposed impregnation.

She also went on to defend both her parents — her mom, former President Cory Aquino and her dad Ninoy Aquino — who’d probably be rocking in their graves if they knew how their daughter was being attacked.

C’mon guys, enough is enough. Let’s leave Kris Aquino — and HER KIDS — alone so they can move on and live the rest of their lives in peace. Possibly in Tarlac or Boracay, TBD.

Why moms need to take Kris’s side

As moms, we probably are the ones who need to cut Kris the most slack. After all, wouldn’t we do the same if our kids were being harassed and bullied? Women putting down other women (especially in 2021) for defending her children and her opinions is so not cool.

If this happened to any of us, I am willing to bet that we will be reacting the same way, if not, worse. Regardless of what you think of any parent, it goes without saying that kids are off limits!

What we should be doing instead

Whatever the cause of Kris’s current predicament may be, that’s her business. During these extraordinary and trying times, we should focus our energies into lifting each other up instead of putting each other down. Parents, especially, need to support other parents because not only do we have ourselves to take care of, we have our kids to fend for. We could all give and receive a little kindness and compassion these days. Kris, as a parent going through a painful time in her life, is no exception.

While one might argue that she signed up for all that comes along with being in the public eye when she decided to be a celebrity, nobody should ever have to put up with the amount of trolling and attacks Kris and her sons have had to face. They, too, deserve peace — most especially her sons who have done nothing wrong to anyone.

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