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LIST: Top Cartoons Kids Are Enjoying in 2024

If we’re going to connect with our kids more, here are some of the cartoons that they’re streaming or watching this 2024.

With wireless internet or unlimited data, kids can stream their favorite cartoons anywhere this 2024. And when they’re with their friends in school, that’s all they ever talk about. A lot of the things our kids watch nowadays are usually the source of where they get certain behaviors. By also knowing what they’re watching, we have something to talk about at the dinner table if needed.

1. Bluey

Debuting in 2018, the Australian-based series Bluey became a big hit because it modeled how families should be to kids. Some of the topics in Bluey even include how parents can handle their big emotions while managing their kids’ and how to process topics that are not easy to talk about. The show has won various awards and had over 480 million plays as of 2021.

2. Pinkfong

Wondering where the tune Baby Shark came from? Pinkfong started that trend with the Baby Shark which now has over 86 billion views worldwide. The musical cartoon catches kids’ attention with its rhythmic tunes and bright colors, even creating an animated series. Plus, this cartoon is so accessible because it’s available on YouTube.

3. Marvel’s What If…?

If the kids are big fans of the Marvel movies, What If…? is a spin-off cartoon series with episodes telling an alternative ending if something else happened. Some of the episodes include Thanos becoming a hero instead of a villain, the Scarlet Witch (or Wanda Maximoff) becoming a zombie, and other scenarios. The series is currently available on Disney+.

4. CocoMelon

Cocomelon is still a hit among younger kids. They can relate to it because the main character is a baby, therefore, making it easy for them to identify and relate with them. Plus, the songs the cartoon plays for the kids tend to be catchy too.

5. The Dragon Prince

From the creators that brought to millennials Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, The Dragon Prince is a story of how the world must have a sense of balance between elves, dragons, and humans. But because humans delved into dark magic, they drove away the elves and the dragons. The cartoon is currently streaming its 5th season and will start Book of the Stars (Season 6) sometime around 2024.

6. Teen Titans GO!

Based on the DC comics Teen Titans, Teen Titans GO! is a wackier version than the comics. The team, composed of Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy, involve themselves in various shenanigans which may be a stark contrast from the original Teen Titans – from both the comics and Cartoon Network. Currently, kids are watching the series either on YouTube or streaming it on Cartoon Network.

7. Tayo The Little Bus

While some of us grew up with Thomas The Train, the kids of today are growing up with Tayo The Little Bus. This South Korean cartoon tells the story from the view point of a talking bus as it gets involved with all sorts of adventures and pranks. Some parents even find that the episodes from this kids’ cartoon has a lot positive lessons to teach.

8. Paw Patrol

If the kids love dogs or suddenly want a dog, it’s probably because they watched this cartoon. Paw Patrol is a series about a team of cute puppies running around and helping people with all sorts of things. But their main role as the Paw Patrol is to protect their town from supervillains. It’s a less singsong cartoon which we can stand for a while.

9. The Amazing World of Gumball

The Amazing World of Gumball focuses on a family of five: a blue cat named Gumball Watterson, his best friend who’s a goldfish Darwin, a pink and smart rabbit Anaïs, his workaholic mom who’s a blue cat Nicole, and their stay-at-home father Richard. The kids’ cartoon usually focuses on Gumball’s exploits and all the trouble he gets his family in.

Although the series is over, it’s usually streamed on YouTube or Cartoon Network.

Why it’s good to know what cartoons our kids are watching:

Sometimes, our kids can start saying certain things that don’t sound right to our ears. We don’t remember teaching them those lines. Yet, they had to have picked it up somewhere. Usually, these lines either come from watching their favorite YouTube streamers or cartoons. And with 2024 having quite a line-up of animated movies and cartoons, the kids might need us to explain or filter things for them.

And by knowing what they’re watching, we can understand where they’re coming from or at least, explain things the cartoon didn’t do right.

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