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Live a Healthier Life with LifeFood

While waiting for the COVID-19 nightmare to end, we can stay healthy with LifeFood to prevent diseases and other problems.


COVID-19 has definitely made us more health-conscious and mindful of what we eat. Some of us even Google what the food is first before eating it. But sometimes, it’s hard to come up with recipes using superfoods because it’s either expensive or the kids don’t like the way it looks. Just because they don’t like it, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take it either. Instead of mixing it in our food, LifeFood has taken the beneficial components and put them into pills.

What is LifeFood?

They’re preventive measures


Just like how we take medicine to feel better, we take natural, herbal supplements to keep our bodies strong and to prevent them from getting sick in the first place. At times, these herbal supplements also help mitigate our intake of other medicines. Too much medicine can have adverse effects and as parents, we need to stay as healthy as possible for our kids.

“We’ve especially curated our first line of products to address the common health conditions of Filipinos,” says Abi Nepomuceno, Synnovate Director, and Business Unit Head. “LifeFood has carefully chosen the most potent, most studied, and the highest quality ingredients to ensure that consumers get all the value and benefits each of these products provides.”

Staying healthy for our kids


A lot of times, we forget to keep ourselves healthy because we’re too busy juggling so many things at once. While we’re raising our kids, we’re also working and managing the house. And when we finally have the time, we’re too tired to remember to take our supplements. But if we don’t take our supplements, we’ll end up not being strong enough for our kids! Whether it’s to take Astaxanthin for our skin or Curcumin for our aching joints, LifeFood has a variety of products to help us stay healthy for our family.

To know more, you can tune in to their Life Talks where host Boy Abunda interviews a variety of people who can offer their insights on staying healthier.

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