LJ Moreno and Jimmy Alapag are Expecting Baby Number 4

In a vlog, LJ confirmed she’s expecting and that she had a miscarriage last year.

Actress LJ Moreno and former basketball player and coach Jimmy Alapag will be parents again. In a vlog posted on Sunday, July 10, the couple confirmed that LJ is pregnant with baby number 4.

LJ and Jimmy revealed the news to their 3 children—Caleb, Keona, and Ian. All three are thoroughly excited about their soon-to-be brother or sister.

Photo from LJ Moreno-Alapag

A miscarriage

Before giving more details about the pregnancy, LJ apologized for not uploading as many vlogs as she mentioned she wasn’t feeling well. As she discussed the pregnancy, she revealed that she suffered another miscarriage in 2021 months after the first miscarriage.

“I actually had another miscarriage after the first one before coming here to the States,” she said. “I had another one last year in December.”

“We kept it because our kids (especially Kuya) were really affected when I had the first miscarriage. So we wanted to make sure first before announcing.”

As of writing, LJ is 13 weeks pregnant and going back and forth for a series of tests.

Photo from LJ Moreno-Alapag

Life in the US

Currently based in the US, the couple decided to relocate as the pandemic affected their livelihood. Since then, they’ve been sharing vlogs about their life in the United States.

Prior to moving, LJ was active with her pastry business as well as doing several showbiz gigs.

Congratulations to the Alapag family!

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