Looking Back at the People I Have Been isn’t so Bad

A lot of us don’t like looking at the past but learning from the people we once were can give us the answers to be better parents.

Many say that the only way to move forward is to accept our past. But sometimes, we cringe and shudder at the sight of our past mistakes, forgetting the context. It’s the same with People I Have Been‘s author Lissa Romero de Guia as she wrote the collection.

“When I started writing, my inner critic would ask, ‘Who wants to read about your stupid life anyway?’ So one surprising thing I learned in writing these essays is that we humans really enjoy reading about other people’s lives because the world is a mirror of our own inner experiences or our own relationship with ourselves. We are all mirroring truth for one another.”

Finding the gold nuggets in each story of the past

Although she has the benefit of hindsight today, Lissa recalls that it still took encouragement from her writer friends to expand beyond Facebook notes and musings. “I was born during a time when keeping a diary was a private affair, so it took me a long time to publish my writing as ‘notes’ on Facebook. When I started getting encouraging feedback from other writer friends about my notes, I decided to keep going, keep writing, and posting my musings on life.”

Originally a blog, it eventually found its way to becoming a hard copy. She hopes that her story encourages others to have an insightful journey of their own.

“I honestly hope that they enjoy the read, first of all. And I hope that these essays help them have their own insights on their own lives, the beauty, and wonder of existence, and the tensile strength of the human spirit.”

“People I Have Been” celebrates the first step to a journey of self-love

Sometimes, the answers to becoming a better parent lie in finding the courage to confront the past. But it’s not easy accepting the things that have been because there are things that should have been. Help can come in the form of a book especially written by someone who might be going through the same hurdles as you are.

Lissa with her husband Kidlat, daugther Amihan and son Kalinaw

You can buy a copy of People I Have Been from Atma Prema Publishing. Or visit the BenCab Museum or the Mt. Cloud Bookshop to acquire a hard copy!

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