Mariah Carey Breaks From Partner, Bryan Tanaka

Although diva star Mariah Carey has remained mum about the matter, Bryan Tanaka’s candid but warm honesty has the internet cheering.

Break-ups can be unnaturally messy when handled badly. And while it’s a way of life, it’s still worth commending when break-ups are handled diplomatically and mutually. It happens during the holidays for diva star Mariah Carey as she and her long-time partner, 40-year-old choreographer and dancer Bryan Tanaka end their relationship. How he ends the relationship is quite laudable with a short letter on his Instagram.

“With mixed emotions, I share this personal update regarding my amicable separation with Mariah Carey after seven extraordinary years together,” he shares. “Our decision to embark on separate paths is mutual.”

Just Wanting Different Things In Life

While some would say that the most common reason why couples break up is because of a third party, it boils back down to the original motive: wanting different things in life. In a relationship, people grow. They change and so do their priorities. While others find a way to compromise and manage those priorities, others know that it’ll be unfair to both parties.

Perhaps, that’s what happened here since Bryan Tanaka is nothing but praises for the “All I Want For Christmas” singer and single mom. “Mariah’s dedication to her family and her commitment to her craft have inspired us on our shared journey.”

He adds, “I want to express my love and appreciation for Mariah and her incredible children, whose warmth and kindness have enriched my life in ways words cannot capture.”

He then asked the public to respect their [Mariah and his] privacy regarding the matter.

Keeping It Calm and Clean

Breakups trigger a lot of emotions; sometimes, it forces us to look back if any of the fights we’ve had with that person may have been the proverbial “stick that broke the camel’s back.” We then seek validation for our pain and distress, which is what causes some fights to escalate.

But for Bryan’s and Mariah’s case, maybe it was remembering the friendship they long fostered as creative professionals that made it easier for them to settle things.

Mariah Carey is a mom of two children, Monroe and Moroccan, and shares them with her ex-husband, Nick Cannon.

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