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LOOK: Mark Herras and Nicole Donesa Celebrate Their First Wedding Anniversary With Corky

Take a page out of Mark Herras and Nicole Donesa’s book on how to celebrate a wedding anniversary with their son, Corky.

Wedding anniversaries may sound hard to celebrate because there are kids. And being parents, we always prioritize their needs. With a one-year-old little boy named Corky joining the party, what’s the plan for celebrity parents Mark Herras and Nicole Donesa? The two decided to have a fun family trip to Camper and Cabin up in the mountains of Tagaytay!

Check out some of the things they did while in Tagaytay!

It appears to be Corky’s first time seeing the misty skies of Tagaytay. Mark and Nicole first passed for some coffee and took a short break from driving. After all, every good morning starts with an iced coffee.

Once they arrived at the cabin, they began unpacking. But of course, they let Corky get used to his surroundings. The little tyke started venturing around the cabin before sitting on the floor to read a book.

A little key tip from Nicole Donesa: always keep a budget book. A fun wedding anniversary is the kind of celebration that doesn’t break the wallet.

Every long trip needs at least one day of rest before the itinerary. But of course, no family get-together would be complete without twinning like how Mark and Corky did with their black hoodies.

Wedding anniversaries can be celebrated with kids, too!

It’s easy to think that wedding anniversaries can’t be celebrated with kids. But with careful planning and also preparing the children early on, Mark Herras and Nicole Donesa enjoyed their anniversary celebration and made sure Corky was having fun, too. Happy first wedding anniversary, Mark and Nicole!

Check out more of their vlog here!

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