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Meet Pauleen Luna Sotto’s New Daughter!

Celebrity mom Pauleen Luna Sotto shares a first glimpse of her new daughter!

From the gender reveal to reassuring Tali that she still loves her, celebrity mom Pauleen Luna Sotto has been excitedly waiting to meet her new daughter. She then posted on her Instagram stories just today a glimpse of her new baby girl—followed by a picture of her eldest daughter giving her a flower as a gift.

“Good morning ❤,” Pauleen excitedly greets with her new baby girl, Thia Marceline Sotto AKA Mochi.

Source: pauleenlunasotto Instagram

Heightened anticipation

Pauleen Luna and Vic Sotto have been excitedly waiting for their new daughter, with the celebrity mom posting updates about her pregnancy journey. Besides a knockout gender reveal, Pauleen has been celebrating Tali’s milestones as well. The family most recently watched Disney on Ice and spent their 2023 holidays in Tokyo.

But before giving birth, Pauleen wrote a sweet letter for her eldest daughter to prepare Tali for the newest chapter in her life: being an older sister.

“To my dear baby Ate Tali, I know you have been praying for a baby sister, this is it! I know in my heart you will be a loving ate to her. My prayer is that you’ll both grow knowing that you’ll always have each other’s back. What an incredible gift it is to have a sister in this world! I am so excited for you! 💜”

And the night before giving birth to her second baby girl, Pauleen writes a heartwarming post addressing her two daughters. She thanks Tali for “teaching her so many things,” while telling her “mochi girl” that she couldn’t wait to hug and kiss her.

Celebrating the joy of having two girls!

For Pauleen Luna, who grew up with two brothers, it’s a dream come true to have Tali grow up with a sister. After all, sisters can relate to everything that’s happening, while both growing and empowering each other to become strong and capable women. But the most important part of this new chapter in the Luna-Sotto family’s life is making sure everyone still feels loved.

Congratulations on the new baby, Pauleen!

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