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LOOK: Melissa Ricks Reveals Photos Of Her Baby Shower

Melissa Ricks shared photos of her recent baby shower held at Solano Hotel.

Celebrity influencer mom Melissa Ricks recently held her baby shower in Solano Hotels, Batangas on November 26, 2022. The celebration had a gold and white theme filled with stars and white balloons. During the baby shower, there was also a kiddie corner and multiple activities for many moms and dads like a photo booths and milk tea cart. Check out the photos and details below.

Melissa Ricks’ Baby Shower Theme: Stars

It’s a bright new chapter to look forward to in Melissa Ricks and Michael Macatangay’s life with their baby girl, hence the theme. Styled by Partay Partay Specialist, the whole venue was decked with yellow star balloons and regular white ones.

What a pretty e-vite!

Back in the day, invites were made from paper. But now that we have the technology, Melissa Ricks sent out a gorgeous e-vite made by Popgram Printing.

Melissa’s Maternity Look

Melissa Ricks simply looked gorgeous! She had two gowns: one in Oslo gray and another in bright pink. Her gray one reflected a more modern Filipiniana look.

Thanks for the memories!

Source: Melissa Ricks IG

Of course, no big event would be complete without photos! Melissa Ricks brought in Momento Photobooth to capture pictures just not for her but also for her guests during the baby shower.

Tea > Coffee

Source: Melissa Ricks IG

Most baby showers we’ve seen so far have served coffee, which we’re sure is more for the parents and maybe the older children. But sometimes, it’s good to have a drink that all ages can enjoy! Melissa Ricks got Moo Maa for her baby shower, offering a variety of milk tea flavors.

Congratulations on the baby shower!

Planning a baby shower, especially one that’s more at a destination site, can be quite difficult. But when it does work out, it goes down like a treat. Congratulations to Melissa Ricks and Michael Macatangay for the successful event! Looking forward to meeting your baby girl.

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