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Michael Bublé Celebrates Elias, His “Superhero” Son’s, 8th Birthday

Canadian-Italian singer and songwriter Michael Bublé says how watching Elias grow has been one of his “greatest gifts.”

As a busy dad of four, Michael Bublé is the kind of dad who cherishes every moment he has with his kids and recognizes their specific interests. Case in point: Elias, his second eldest son, has a love for superheroes. And so, when he turned 8, the easy-listening singer called him a “superhero” while wishing him a happy birthday.

“Happy birthday to our superhero Elias!! 8 years full of adventures with you so far! Watching you grow is the greatest gift. Your mom and I love you more than words! 🥰 XO Papi,” writes Michael on his Instagram while posting a video montage of all the memories they spent together.

Source: michaelbuble Instagram

Michael Bublé makes being a dad a priority

Based on his Instagram posts, Michael Bublé isn’t shy about sharing his moments as a dad. Some of his reels even reveal a different side to the jazz singer—showing what it’s like to be a dad to four growing kids.

What’s more, Michael’s also not afraid to show what kind of shenanigans his kids get him into, even allowing them to wrap him up in toilet paper. The reel’s caption refers to his wife, former singer and actress Luisa Lopilato, “She keeps asking how we ran out of toilet paper so fast 🙁.”

But the most heartwarming part about the singer is how he always puts being a dad first. In a holiday post, he captions a video montage of all their celebrations together as a family while wishing his fans happy holidays. “There’s nothing more important to me in this world than being a dad. The honour of raising these four little souls is even more special around the holidays.”

Most of his posts point to him being a fun-loving dad, even sharing a portion of an interview of how he met Luisa, captioning it: “And that kids, is how I met your mother.”

Becoming a more family-oriented dad

Unfortunately, it took quite a drastic event to make Michael Bublé the fun-loving dad we see on Instagram. On a podcast called Diary of a CEO, Michael Bublé admitted that although his family was the “love of his life,” it was Noah’s diagnosis of liver cancer when he was 3 years old that “rocked his world” and made him realize that “his priorities weren’t straight.”

“I want to be kinder; I want to be more empathetic. I don’t ever want to allow that ego and that false self to take over. Most of all, I want to know how lucky I am,” shared the singer after revealing he made a promise upon hearing Noah’s diagnosis.

But with Noah’s liver cancer in remission since 2017, Michael Bublé and Luisa Lopilato have made the most of their family life.

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