Michelle Dee Pays Tribute To Her Mom With A Signature Walk

During the Miss Universe Philippines coronation night, Michelle Dee paid tribute to her mom, Miss International 1979 Melanie Marquez, through her pasarela.

Like mother, like daughter. This is what Michelle Dee showed to the audience on Saturday, May 13 when she paid tribute to her mom, Miss International 1979, and actress Melanie Marquez when she sashayed during the competition.

The newly crowned Miss Universe 2023 walked in a Mark Bumgarner black gown. She went from one side of the stage to the other before she did a turn while remaining fierce. The “S” walk was the pasarela or pageant walk her mother did when she competed in Miss International.

Michelle Dee and Melanie Marquez
Photo from Michelle Dee Instagram

Ian Mendajar, who served as Michelle’s trainer wrote of the walk: “The ‘S’ walk after her 2nd establishment is one of Melanie’s signature walks during her modeling days. While her final pose is inspired by her Mom’s supermodel poses. We also married a touch of her recent roles ‘Serpenta’ and ‘Freya’ as we needed Michelle’s personality and presence to shine – ensuring that her performance was nothing short of who she really is.”

Serpenta and Freya are the roles Michelle portrayed in Agimat ng Agila and Mga Lihim ni Urduja.

Melanie Marquez and Michelle Dee
Photo from Michelle Dee Instagram

Melanie Marquez to Michelle Dee: Claim the Crown on Your Head

In an interview with the pageant page Qrown Philippines, Melanie, 58, said she was already proud of her daughter even before getting the title.

“I texted her. And as she walked on stage, I said she should claim the crown already and walk elegantly,” Melanie said. The actress, who is now based in the United States, eventually went up after Michelle was crowned as the new winner.

During her first day as Miss Universe Philippines on Sunday, May 14, Michelle told selected members of the press that it felt good to see her mom watch her after she was unable to come last year.

Video from Michelle Dee Instagram

“When she went up on stage, I was just happy that she made it,” Michelle said. “Because she was recovering from an accident last year and she only arrived a few days ago. Just for her to be able to witness that, to see me win Miss Universe Philippines in the flesh and not just through a screen, that was an amazing feeling altogether.”

A Mother’s Day Gift

Her mom’s presence gave her the needed confidence to do her best and gave the nod, the validation she needed.

It was also a good Mother’s Day gift. “My mom’s been my number one fan even though she’s one of my worst critics. We all know how iconic my mom is on the runway and in the pageant scene. But I did text her and told her I’ll try to give you the best Mother’s Day gift.”

“And she told me, you know, I’m watching your performance in the prelims and I see how you’re enjoying. Keep that energy.”

“Claim that crown,” she told me. “I’ll always be proud of you and I’ll always be your number one avid fan.”

Michelle Dee will represent the country in El Salvador and try to capture the country’s 5th Miss Universe title.

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