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Michelle Garcia-Arce: Why Entrepreneurship Is Close to Her Heart

Michelle Garcia-Arce has made a name as a PR manager in the hotel industry and has since ventured into different businesses. She talks to Modern Parenting about the importance of family and why entrepreneurship is close to her heart.

Michelle Garcia-Arce has truly gained respect as a public relations specialist in the hotel industry. Though she used to work in one of the country’s finest hotels, entrepreneurship became close to her heart. And since leaving the hotel industry, she has ventured into different businesses—including helping her husband run the family business Arce Dairy.

Modern Parenting recently talked to Michelle about life as an entrepreneur and making family a priority.

Michelle Garcia-Arce on pursuing entrepreneurship

She may have had a stellar career in the hotel industry as a PR practitioner. But for Michelle, entrepreneurship allowed her to be more creative and innovative.

“When I was still young, I was already a raketera. I love side hustles because number one, it brings out the other side of me. Like if the hotel industry is more about promoting and inviting people to come to our hotels, there is another side of me that I want to release—being creative,” she said. “I love side hustles. Because let’s not forget the financial aspect that it can bring to a specific person. Especially now with the pandemic, we need to make sure that there is another source of income for each person.”

Family was the main reason why Michelle decided to bid goodbye to the hotel industry. Her family includes husband Ariel and their two children.

“Family has always been my priority. Though I love what I do in the hotel industry, I decided to focus on my growing child. My 3-year-old son needs me more than anyone else. I was once a single mom and I have devoted my time working. I’ve missed milestones, I missed seeing my daughter take her first step, hearing her first word. I don’t want that to happen to my growing son.”

Michelle Garcia-Arce

Michelle Garcia-Arce on running her various businesses

These days, Michelle is busy running a variety of businesses. She runs Storytellers, a company that offers integrated marketing communications, public relations, and website and digital application. She is also the distributor of Ultra Fresh Diapers in the country and helps out in the Arce Dairy business.

For Storytellers, Michelle shares, “PR is all about relationships. We don’t buy ads; we don’t create radio jingles or short videos for YouTube. PR is persuading the editors, the writers that this piece of brand is worthy. That is what is Storytellers is all about and most importantly, we tell them to the right people and know the right channels.”

With regard to the family business, Michelle states that she has since injected the delivery factor to keep up with the competitive market. For Ultra Fresh Diapers, it was about two things: affordability and cleanliness.

“It’s value for money,” she tells us. “Of course, I used these well-known international brands and yes, they are very good. However, they are pricey. These diapers are a necessity. I believe that all children deserve to have a clean diaper.”

“Distributing these Ultra Fresh Diapers in the Philippines is a big opportunity for me as well. One—to help families reach for quality and affordable diapers, and two—to provide clean diapers to the babies.”

Michelle on family time and remaining optimistic about the future

Michelle would be the first to admit that she’s still adjusting now that things are slowly returning to normal. But she said that it has been manageable.

“I can see that my schedule has improved. Because I make it a point now to work out, to run everyday at the same time; make it a point to bring my son to the polo field whenever he wants to drive his truck,” she said. “I make it a point to finish my meeting with Storytellers and Ultra Fresh Diapers on time. On top of that, date nights with the husband are part of it. I am lucky that I am able to squeeze everything.”

Moreover, she tries to catch up with friends now that they are able to see each other.

With the economy slowly returning as restrictions ease, Michelle remains hopeful of the country’s future.

“Honestly, I am very optimistic about it. Almost 100% have fully opened already; traffic is back. Politics aside, there are a lot of discussions but I remain hopeful. Because I always believe that what we feed in our mind has a big part in what is happening. So I see that there are a lot of good opportunities—not only for my personal businesses but the economy as well.”

“I look forward to a refreshed economy. I just hope and pray with the new government we have, it will be for the best.”

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