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Keeping Things at Bay: It’s Not a Complete Day for Mitch Cajayon-Uy Without This by Her Side

When it comes to staying fit, healthy, and energetic, it’s not just a proper meal plan that’s necessary for former beauty queen Mitch Cajayon-Uy

Motherhood is already a heavy-duty job in itself. We not only take care of our kids, but also the entire household. Working moms are a whole different story. On most days, we end up diving head first into the responsibilities of our job outside of our families, all while making sure our home remains happily productive as can be. Mitch Cajayon-Uy is completely familiar with having an overflowing schedule that can simply take a toll on anyone’s health. As the Executive Director of the Council for the Welfare of Children, this mom of three takes it a step further by incorporating Kings Herbal Plus Food Supplement so her overall wellbeing stays on the positive side every single day.

Added effort for better outcomes

Giving us a glimpse of the measures she takes to remain healthy, Mitch said she has a weekly meal plan that her nutritionist creates. She added, “[This] limits my food intake that depends on my caloric needs. This also makes every meal preparation easy and responsive to my health needs.” Water is also a very important factor for this hardworking mom. She believes staying hydrated throughout the whole day is the cause of her youthfulness and glow.

Aside from these steps, Mitch makes sure to incorporate food supplements in her daily routine. “Food supplements are essential in my life as they help my body really get the nutrients it needs. We may have a balanced diet, but it may lack some nutrients that we need, especially if we are always on the go,” she explained. After reading up on the natural ingredients Kings Herbal Plus Food Supplements has such as carrots, avocados, and dragon fruit, Mitch decided to give it a try, and it has only been uphill since then. Taking it everyday has immensely helped with her endurance while keeping her usual migraines caused by a heavy schedule at bay. “Because of Kings Herbal, I can keep up with the demands of my lifestyle,” said the working mom of three.

Just like Mitch Cajayon-Uy, you can also have a more energized day with Kings Herbal Plus Food Supplements that’s available in all Watsons stores nationwide.

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