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Modern Appliances That Make Life Easier for Moms

These modern appliances from several trusted brands help us moms get the job done.

As moms, there are days when 24 hours are just not enough to accomplish what we set out to do. This brings to mind the lengthy monologue of America Ferrera’s character delivered in the “Barbie” movie. “You have to be a boss, you have to be a good mother, tou have to be a career woman, you have to stay pretty, you never have to fail, never show fear, never get out of line. It’s too hard!”

The expectations society has placed on our shoulders are staggering. But somehow, by some miracle, we get the job done. Still, it would be nice if life can just be a little easier for women. Thankfully, this is possible with ingenious time-saving and practical modern home appliances. From refrigerators that can keep greens and fruits fresh for over a week, a buildable vacuum that can suction dust from all corners, a mini UV vacuum to sanitize beds, couches, and pillows, to a smokeless grill for steak night, shiny retro microwave ovens, sleek air-conditioning units that you can retrofit to the color of your rooms, and air dehumidifiers that keep sicknesses at bay. It’s all here! We’ve rounded up the best buys from different brands at different price points.

ACERPURE (Taiwanese Technology)

Acer, more popularly known for its computers and electronics, has expanded its portfolio by venturing into home essentials via Acerpure. Its cordless vacuum cleaner V1 (P10,990) is slim but powerful with a 1.5kg ultralight and cordless body and a visual battery life with a running time of 60 minutes. It also comes with practical attachments designed to provide a most thorough cleaning. And it removes 99.9% of dust mites with its electric mite removal brush. For those dark, hard to reach areas, simply connect the floor adjunct and turn on the built-in LED lights. We love that it has different modes for different cleaning usages. Turbo (for power suction), Standard (for a dirtless finish), and Daily Saving (for quick daily cleaning). What’s more, its hair-free design allows for tangle-free vacuuming. Moreover, it comes with a washable dustbin and is easy to store!

Modern Appliances That Make Life Easier for Moms
Lightness, Convenience, and Power in One Gadget
The Acerpure cordless vacuum cleaner V1 lets you clean every nook and cranny of your home.

BEKO (European Technology)

Beko’s Harvest Fresh fridge freezers (P60,990) use innovative three-color light technology in its crisper drawers to mimic the 24-hour sun cycle. Thus, it helps preserve vitamins in fruits and vegetables for up to two weeks. It can also keep meat at just the right temperature so it can be consumed at its optimum, freshest taste. Additionally, its Nutri-Freeze technology allows for soft freeze at three degrees Celsius for easy cutting and cooking. The latest refrigerator model comes with a Pro Smart inverter compressor which promises high efficiency and low noise. Its compressor comes with a five-year warranty, too.

Modern Appliances That Make Life Easier for Moms
Convergence of Aesthetics and Functionality
Appliances must not only be useful but also reflect the personality of its owner. Colors, finishes, and size (integrated, customized, compact) come to play. For example, whereas black was frowned upon before, Beko now offers black refrigerators with multi-door, side-by-side and top mount variations.

CARRIER (American Technology)

Split-Type Airconditioner

Trusted brand Carrier’s newest inverter split-type airconditioner NEO (P54,000) is every modern woman’s dream home essential. Imagine having a bespoke cover to match the aesthetic of every room in your home! This all-new designer series features a fabric panel grill in two color options: Tahitian Grey and Onyx Grey. There are six other vivid colors that you can purchase separately. Or should you opt to pair your AC cover with the furnishings and curtains, you can provide the fabric. And the brand will custom-make it for you. Equipped with 3DC technology, homemakers will love the NEO’s energy efficiency, quieter operation, and improved overall performance. It also promises cleaner air purified by a built-in dust filter, ultrapure filter, and plasma ionizers that ensure a mold-free space. The warranty on the compressor is five years with one free general cleaning within a year from purchase.

Modern Appliances That Make Life Easier for Moms
Express Your Style in Any Color
Appliances are integral to the overall design of the house. The ease, versatility, and performance of Carrier’s NEO air conditioners with customizable panel grills make it a favorite choice of the stylish set.


Another must-have from Carrier is its dehumidifier (P10,499 12L ). With unpredictable weather and consistent humid conditions, there’s no wonder why so many people are getting sick. How can a dehumidifier help? It filters the air of excessive moisture which results into multiple health and lifestyle benefits. High levels of humidity causes excessive sweating which leads to clogged pores and breakouts. Turn the machine on to control the humidity and your skin stays hydrated. Mold, mildew, and mites thrive in moist environments and are major allergen culprits.

A dehumidifier lessens this occurrence making your space that much more comfortable and breathable. This appliance also has the ability to protect furniture by preventing cracks, rust, and warping. Another wow feature is its clothes-drying function to protect garments from unwanted dampness. Moreover, it effectively keeps the optimum humidity level in the environment so you need not worry about nasty molds or musty odors.

Modern Appliances That Make Life Easier for Moms
A Healthier Home
Improve indoor air quality and enjoy better sleep, increased productivity levels, and a space free of allergens with Carrier’s dehumidifier.

CONDURA (Philippine Technology)

Infrafred Barbecue Grill

Pop a bottle of wine (or two) and host a steak night for family and friends. We love Condura’s infrared barbecue grill for its straightforward plug-and-grill ease of use. It uses infrared technology which directs heat straight to the meat without breaking down the moisture barrier. This allows for a juicy, even finish to your cook. If you are using thicker cuts like ribeye, fillet mignon, or T-bone, slightly thaw the meat before putting it on top of the grill. Cook two minutes per side to achieve medium rare perfection. For thinner cuts like flat iron or sirloin steak, you may turn the knob to a lower temperature for a lighter sear and to avoid easy burns. (This set up is also great for Korean barbecue meats!) Add vegetables (asparagus, corn, broccoli) and serve as sides to your juicy steaks.

Condura Barbecue
Say Goodbye to Dry Overcooked Meats
With Condura’s infrared barbecue grill, the whole family can enjoy restaurant quality steak any day of the week!

UV Bed Vacuum Cleaner

The bed is one of the most used furniture in the house. Statistics show that an average person sleeps a third of his lifetime. So it’s fitting that every sleeper must be kept fresh and pristine at all times. Condura’s lightweight handheld UV bed vacuum cleaner (P4,929.55) can be used to clean mattresses, cushions, clothes, and curtains. Use it also to remove cotton mites. With its UV sterilization and HEPA standard air filter, allergens are wiped out. You’re certain to get a deep clean with every use as it comes with different accessory heads to reach and sanitize every nook and cranny of your furniture. Noise is also kept at a bare minimum (with its noise reduction technology). So you can clean at will without causing any disturbance.

Condura Vacuum
Safe in Your Bed
Rid your mattresses of dirt, dust and mites with the Condura UV bed vacuum cleaner.

MIDEA (Chinese Technology)

Reboots on TV shows and films may have influenced the return of retro modern appliances. And no one is complaining! Shiny avocado green refs and cute pink toasters are quick to please the eye. To feed this growing fascination of all things retro, Midea has a 20L sky blue digital microwave oven (P5,295) that comes with a child-lock program to avoid mishandling. Additionally, it has a 95-minute timer that allows for all kinds of food preparation. The best part? It’s a super saver as three minutes of cooking will only cost you a peso!

For those into brighter hues, there’s the 20L retro red mechanical digital oven (P4,795). This fire engine red appliance is as much a conversation starter as it is a practical kitchen helper. With 11 power levels, you can easily cook fish, meat, and poultry, prepare popcorn for movie nights, bake, and roast to your heart’s content.

Modern Appliances That Make Life Easier for Moms
Retro-Inspired Modern Appliances
Enjoy modern day cooking with old-school charm microwave ovens

With women now having to wear multiple hats, these handy home helpers are tools that give us time for other things aside from domestic responsibilities. Keeping the house neat and tidy, serving good meals, making sure that our safe havens are healthy spaces for the family makes us confident as homemakers. Now there’s more time to visit the salon, take leisurely bubble baths, have date nights with the husband, or simply enjoy quiet reads while our favorite scents waft in the air. Thanks to modern appliances, even America Ferrera can say that life is hard but help (and a wide selection of great innovations) is always available!

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