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These 5 Mommy Influencers Swear By This Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Diaper

If you’re looking for a premium eco-friendly and sustainable diaper, find out why these mommy influencers swear by Noopii!

Studies have found that it takes about 500 years for a single disposable diaper to decompose. It’s exactly this reason why more and more moms are becoming eco-conscious consumers who don’t mind paying a premium price if it means helping to save the environment and leaving a better world for their children. And these mommy influencers fell in love with Noopii, a luxury eco-friendly diaper brand made from renewable materials.

Mommies Who Love Noopii’s Eco-Friendly Diaper

1. Allysiu Alvarez

Vlogger and first-time mom, Allysiu Alvarez, shares, “I don’t change Maddie’s diaper at night anymore since she sleeps through the night already. So I’m always on the lookout for high-quality nappies that won’t leak and won’t give her rashes. We’ve been using Noopii for a week now and we love it so much! No leaks at all and you can tell that it’s really high quality.”

“It’s a plus that it’s eco-friendly since it’s made from largely sustainable and renewable materials with added New Zealand Manuka Hydrosol and Cotton. It’s on the pricier side but honestly, you will get what you pay for. No latex, no chemicals, no perfumes, no lotions, and no artificial dyes. Perfect for my baby’s sensitive skin!”

2. Anj Fernando

eco-friendly diaper
Photo Source: Anj Fernando

Pediatrician and first-time mom, Anj Fernando, says, “Aside from the luxurious feel of these nappies, I’m impressed because we never had any leaks! True to its 12 hours of leak protection—baby and mommy are both dry! Also, what makes Noopii unique is the Manuka Hydrosol which is a natural antibacterial. I don’t have to worry about nappy rash!”

“Our trusted diapers since Rocio was born. Breathable, hypoallergenic, and sustainable.”

3. Fel Sison Garcia

eco-friendly diaper
Photo Source: Fel Garcia IG

PR maven and mother of two, Fel Sison Garcia, writes, “As a mom, I always want what’s best for the kids—what’s best and what works. I was given the opportunity to try Noopii and it’s was exactly what my newborn needed. The newborn size fits even the “bigger” newborn. It wasn’t bulky unlike others that already feel heavy from the beginning. It’s thin but we didn’t experience leaks (which honestly usually happens a lot), and the best part? Palmer wasn’t irritated after doing his bizniz.”

“PLUS it’s made with 70% sustainable and renewable materials! So why not save the earth while you’re at it, right? To think we change newborn nappies so many times a day. Lastly, the packaging and the whole look are chic.”

4. Katarina Rodriguez

Photo Source: Katarina Rodriguez IG

Model, beauty queen, and soon-to-be mom of two, Katarina Rodriguez, is loving every minute of her pregnancy with her second child. Motherhood definitely suits her. And recently, she tried Noopii on her firstborn, Quino. “So far loving the quality of Noopii!”

5. Kim King

eco-friendly diaper
Photo Source: Kim KIng IG Story

Mom of four and Fasting, Gut, and Skin-Nutrition Specialist, also known as the Broth Queen, Kim King, posts, “Luxurious nappies you can trust! These nappies are unique!”

The first eco-friendly diaper that contains Manuka Hydrosol

On top of what these mommy influencers had to say, Noopii is the world’s first diaper that contains Manuka Hydrosol. This makes the diapers antibacterial. Thus, it inhibits the growth of bacteria and prevents diaper rash. Their diapers have up to 12 hours of leak protection as well, and they are constantly thriving to provide alternatives for eco-conscious parents. More than producing diapers, they contribute some of their funds to reforestation as well as species recovery programs. So there’s definitely a lot to love about this eco-friendly diaper brand!

To know more, visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @noopiiph.

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