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Style Boot Camp: A Mom’s Guide to Styling Boots With Her Outfits

Whether ankle boots, combat boots, or knee-high boots, here are some ways moms can match boots with their outfits.

Boots are making a fashionable comeback with many people seen wearing platform soles or chunky block heels. In fact, we see women wearing laced-up combat boots with jeans or a denim skirt! Meanwhile, some moms go for heeled ankle boots which they pair with tights to elongate their figure—or wide-leg trousers to emphasize more on the boots’ silhouette.

But here are other ways moms can match boots with their outfits.

1. The Sandwich Technique: Dark Top + Light Bottom + Dark Boots

Boots often come in dark colors so it makes sense to match them with a full dark-colored outfit. But the Sandwich Technique, wherein we pair a dark top and boots with a light bottom or vice versa, can make our outfits look more dynamic compared to a completely dark or light-colored outfit.

Some moms usually go for the black-and-white combination like a black top, white jeans or skirt, and black boots. Black graphic band T-shirts also offer a more dynamic, yet relaxed look.

2. Match the tights’ and boots’ color

When the color of the tights matches the stiletto ankle boots, it makes moms look taller. Their legs look longer and don’t make a skirt or shorts look too short. Usually, though, this trick works best with black tights and black boots. But for those who want to make a statement, free to play around since boots come not just in different solid colors like white, black, and camel but snake-skin patterns also.

3. Go for a monochrome outfit.

Whether for casual or formal events, there’s nothing wrong with going monochrome when pairing boots with our outfits. But what will play a big role in our outfit’s flow is the material or texture of the pieces. Some boots, because they’re made from polyurethane leather (AKA PU leather), have a bit of glossy finish and can match with either comfy jeans or even shiny leather skirts or pants.

Suede, on the other hand, works with clothes made with materials that are also matte finish like cotton, wool, and even linen. Tulle is also a material some people match suede with.

4. Embrace ruggedness in femininity

Everyone thinks that a feminine look is soft, wavy, or with curves. But there is a way to still look feminine despite a rugged appearance. A black tank top, cargo pants, and lace-up combat boots are the usual pieces for a default rugged feminine look. And if Angelina Jolie could pull it off as Lara Croft then, so can we!

5. Make the boots’ colors pop!

A monochrome outfit pairs well with a sudden contrast from differently colored boots. The minimalist mom may not have so many colors in her closet but even she would enjoy a pop of color every so often. Some brands like Palladium, Timberlands, and even Doc Martens sell them in uncommon colors like camel, green, or maroon. And if we’re up for a trip, even Marikina has a few boots that may suit our fancy.

6. Use the boot’s hardware to either glam or sharpen up.

Some boots come with hardware like studs, spikes, chains, and the classic belt buckle. And depending on our outfits, the boots can either make us chic enough for a formal event or sharp enough for a down-and-dirty day. Besides, glam rock is still an accepted fashion style! The best part is – the boots can hide elevators that can give us an extra inch or two in photos.

Boots Care 101: Making sure they still look good with our outfits

One hack we learned in caring for our boots is to use lotion. Yes, the same moisturizer and lotion we apply on our skin works well on both synthetic and real leather. Massage it into the material so that even though we’re running around or subjecting our boots to the harsh heat, they won’t crack and they’ll stay with us longer. If there are scuff marks then, use markers of the boots’ color to cover it up.

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