Most Popular Pedias in Metro Manila

There are dozens, probably hundreds, of great pediatricians in Metro Manila. It can be hard to choose the right one for you and your family. Here’s a shortlist of some of the most popular pedias in the city.

Are you currently looking for a pedia for your precious little ones? We’re sure you want someone skilled (of course), great with patients, and easily accessible. You’ll also need to consider location, price range, and friendliness of assistants (we assure you, this is part of it). To help you decide, we’ve come up with a list of popular pedias that can narrow down your list.

  1. Dr. Romeo Nuguid and Dr. Arnel Nuguid

Arguably the most popular pedias around, pedias and twin brothers Dr. Romeo, popularly known as Ome, and Dr. Arnel, also known as Aye, are high up in the list of recommended pedias. They have years of practice under their belts, and have hundreds of happy parents and patients to prove their track records. 

Personally, my children go to Dr. Aye. When my son was initially diagnosed to have primary complex as a baby, Dr. Aye called up my worried husband and had a long conversation with him explaining the situation in detail, giving us much-needed peace of mind. This is despite having so many other patients we’re sure he had to attend to. Both Dr. Nuguids share clinics in St. Luke’s BGC and also at Pediatrico, Westgate in Alabang. One more important reason everyone likes them – they’ll always answer Viber and text messages from patients. Their secretaries are also friendly and very easy to contact.

Pediatrico: (02) 8817 0858

  1. Dr. Cricket Palanca-Chen

If you want to try a more natural approach to your child’s regular check-ups and medical care, Dr. Cricket Chen is a great option. She is both an M.D. and a natural medicine practitioner. When she diagnoses a patient, her initial prescriptions are usually homeopathic medicine from Centro Natura, but she doesn’t hesitate to turn to western medicine when needed. She also spaces out vaccinations and only recommends  necessary ones, which some parents will surely prefer. Dr. Chen is a great choice for parents who are wary of over-medicating pedias, but still want to go to a medical doctor. She currently offers drive-thru vaccinations by appointment. Her clinic is located in St. Luke’s BGC. 

Ayi (secretary) – 0927-987-7079

  1. Dr. Jose Clemente

Another popular and well-loved pediatrician is Dr. Jose Clemente. He holds clinics in Makati Medical Center and St. Lukes-BGC. Parents like him because he’s very accessible (we heard he’s always online) and patient, ready to answer all questions of a concerned parent. He’s also been described as kind, reassuring, and approachable. His secretaries are also helpful and responsive, which is always plus points for any doctor. The only downside we heard is the possibility of a long wait at his clinic, which also speaks to his popularity. 

  1. Dr. Victoria Jalandoni-Cabahug

Pedia-pulmonologist Dr. Vina Cabahug is also highly-recommended by her patients. She is known to be caring and patient, always ready to answer any and all questions. She is a breastfeeding advocate and fully supports moms in their breastfeeding journey. Dr. Cabahug gives her mobile number to patients (not all pedias do this, take note) and responds quickly. Parents also like her because she doesn’t overmedicate and hardly gives antibiotics. During this pandemic, Dr. Cabahug offers home visits and vaccinations for a reasonable fee. 

Makati Medical Center clinic number – 0917-6264428; 

Asian Hospital – 0917-6264429

  1. Dr. Delfin Santos

If you are doing research on pedias in Metro Manila, we’re sure the name Dr. Delfin Santos came out multiple times. He is the chairman of the Department of Pediatrics of The Medical City in Pasig and also a practicing pediatrician. Parents like him because he is always ready to answer any questions via FB Messenger.

  1. Dr. Roslyn Marie Kho-Dychiao

For people in the North looking for a highly-recommended pediatrician, Dr. Dychiao is a pediatric pulmonologist at St. Luke’s Medical Center, Quezon City. She also has her own clinic in San Juan. If your child has asthma, rhinitis, or recurring cough, Dr. Dychiao can help you manage the symptoms and come up with a treatment plan. One parent shared that it was only Dr. Dychiao who was able to find out what was causing her 4-month-old baby’s on and off fever. She is well-loved by her patients and often recommended. Take note that one feedback about her is the long wait at her clinic during pre-pandemic times.

  1. Dr. Pamela Caedo

If you are looking for a pedia who is known to be a breastfeeding advocate, you should consider Dr. Pam. A few more plus points for her – she doesn’t prescribe medicine unnecessarily, and she is able to translate medical language and terms into layman’s terms, making it easier for parents to understand what’s happening to their child. Other feedback about Dr. Pam includes that she’s “pro-breastfeeding, but will not shame you if you need to supplement”. Due to the pandemic, she currently offers consultations via Zoom and offers parking lot vaccinations. She holds clinics at both Makati Medical Center and St. Luke’s BGC.

  1. Dr. Dennis Garcia

Another name that will pop up frequently when doing your research on pediatricians is Dr. Dennis Garcia. He has clinics in both Makati Medical Center and Cardinal Santos Medical Center. Well-loved by both kids and parents, he is one of the country’s foremost infectious diseases specialists, and other pediatricians consult him when it comes to this area. Parents love him because of his calm demeanor and because he takes time to explain what’s happening to your child in an easy to understand way. He also doesn’t prescribe unnecessary medicine and antibiotics.

We hope this list helped you find the right pediatrician for you and your family. It’s best that you meet the pedia first before you decide who you are most comfortable with. Each family has different needs and the best pedia for your best friend’s family might not be the best for you, and this is fine. What’s more important is you find the right one for you.

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