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6 Must-Haves For Every Family When a Super Typhoon Hits

When a super typhoon like Mawar hits the Philippines, families need to make sure they have these on hand.

Super typhoons may be a common occurrence here in the Philippines for habagat season, but it’s still stressful to deal with when not prepared. Families end up losing their homes or having to clean up the entire house if they’re hit hard with little to no help because electricity and internet are gone. But that doesn’t always need to be the case so long as families have these must-haves when a super-typhoon hits.

Super typhoon must-haves

1. Fully charged power banks

At least two fully charged power banks should be enough to keep your phones alive during the super typhoon. There are also some power banks that hardware stores sell that are capable of jumpstarting cars or powering other devices to help escape the flood.

Portable internet

2. A portable internet provider

Because the pandemic has made us so reliant on the internet, it’s better to have one of those prepaid internet devices to make sure you stay connected. The internet serves as the source of news on what areas are flooded and more. And without electricity, it’ll be impossible to rely on the typical home phone to contact relatives.

Plus, you’ll need to follow PAGASA‘s updates.


3. Extra clothes

It’s a super typhoon with torrential rains and howling winds. Bring socks and underwear because soaking underwear is a breeding ground for bacteria.


4. Bottled Water

Water systems are most likely going to be down because of the super typhoon’s floods and there’s no electricity to pump them through. Store some drinking water to tide over appetites since refrigerators will most likely be defrosting because of the lack of power.


5. Hard cash

With the internet fluctuating, e-wallets and credit cards won’t respond as fast. Bring some hard cash (i.e. paper bills and coins) for faster transactions.

Chips and snacks

6. Chips and snacks

Restaurants may be closed and with brownouts, it’s going to be hard to cook food. Unfortunately, the worst-case scenario may mean relying on chips and small snacks to pass the appetite until things get back online.

No two super typhoons are exactly the same!

Although some super typhoons are similar, the damage they wreak isn’t. Mawar has been recently declared a super typhoon again and it has rampaged through Guam. Some have more rainfall while others have stronger and fiercer winds. It’s best to be prepared for the worst to keep everyone in the family safe.

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