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Then vs. Now: Myra Ultimate Sees No Difference

Age really is just a number with the help of Myra Ultimate

Just like Jenna Rink from the 2004 film 13 Going on 30, every young girl wants to grow up and become the mature woman she plans on being in a blink of an eye. But once we actually get to that point in our lives, the exact opposite sometimes happens as we start to miss how we looked from decades ago–from our fashionable outfits to our overall youthful auras. Because of the constant reminiscing we do, we tend to get jealous of influential women who have maintained their youthfulness for years now. Thankfully, they finally revealed their best-kept secret–a daily dose of Myra Ultimate.

As they continue to celebrate women who proudly flaunt their beauty, Myra Ultimate also honors and supports those who defy aging again and again, proving to all of us that it’s easier than we thought it would be. With Myra’s anti-aging beauty supplement powered by Astaxanthin, Vitamin E, and Lycopene, we can all eventually look and feel beautiful from within. The Astaxanthin it’s infused with promotes the formation of collagen, protects the skin against oxidation, reduces fine lines, and lightens dark spots–all to keep our skin firm and youthful.

“My skin has never looked this radiant than ever!”

Marjorie Barretto

40 never looked this good

Beautiful and influential women like Marjorie Barretto and Marie Lozano both know the ease and power of taking Myra Ultimate once a day. Barretto, who recently celebrated another joyous birthday, believes that age is simply a number. Because she takes Myra Ultimate daily, her fight against signs of aging has been anything but challenging. She even states that her skin’s radiance has been much better because of the beauty supplement. Lozano is also proud that she’s turning a year older in just a few months. She said that while she is not preoccupied with looking younger, she focuses on solely becoming the best version of herself, which she achieves with Myra Ultimate.

Embody what it means to be youthful with Myra Ultimate that’s available for as low as PHP 20 in all leading drugstores nationwide, as well as on Shopee and Lazada.

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