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Just Another Reason Why Millennial Moms are Nadine Lustre Stans

In an effort to protect Mother Earth, singer-actress Nadine Lustre and skincare brand Bioten are working together to plant more trees.

Just when millennial moms have listed a dozen reasons why they look up to Nadine Lustre, the singer-actress has added one more to the list. As an eco-warrior, she continues to tread the road to sustainability by partnering with her new favorite skincare brand, Bioten. Together, Nadine Lustre and Bioten hope to raise funds for 88,000 trees. This is to aid the 20-year reforestation project for the Aetas of Yangil, Zambales through For The Future and Make a Difference (MAD) Travel.

nadine lustre bioten

Nadine Lustre: “I have a responsibility to the next generations.”

In a statement, the Bioten brand ambassador says, “I will do what I can to raise awareness for a more sustainable future, as well as take concrete action. I begin here—with raising funds for trees. I hope everyone will join me in doing this.”

The number 88 holds a symbolic significance for both Nadine Lustre and the brand. 88,000 represents the 88% ingredients of natural origin found in Bioten’s Skin Moisture line. This is the particular line that Nadine loves. In addition, the brand, like Nadine, shares the same values of being green, being honest about how green, and committing real actions toward sustainability.

Nadine Lustre, through her network and fans, will commit to raising enough funds for 44,000 seeds. These will be planted over a course of several years. And in true partnership, Bioten will match the number. This brings it to a total of 88,000 fruit and forest trees.

A natural and sustainable European skincare brand

Bioten Skin Moisture officially launched in September 2020. Since then, they have always been true to their commitment to environmental sustainability and the use of natural ingredients. From its recyclable jars to responsibly sourced cardboard and ingredients, the brand remains zealous in ‘caring for nature, caring for you.’

Their 100% natural key ingredients are derived from eco-friendly and gentle extraction methods. Additionally, dermatologists have tested their formulas. Millennial moms will definitely love adding Bioten to their skincare routines.

Join Nadine Lustre and Bioten’s movement

To be part of the movement and make a donation through Nadine Lustre, visit this website: Each seedling costs P50. You may also donate directly through the following accounts of For the Future:

  • Unionbank: Maria Margarita Jalandoni │ 1094 8538 0314
  • GCash: Maria Margarita Jalandoni │ 09458318743

To find out more about Nadine Lustre and Bioten’s reforestation project, visit And to know more about Bioten, check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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