Boston Celtics NBA Champ and Father Bill Russell Will Always Be Our #6

Hailed as the “champion of champions”, Boston Celtics Bill Russell had a peaceful death at 88.

Another champion has been laid to rest as 11-time NBA Champ Boston Celtics Bill Russell peacefully passed away at the age of 88. His family confirmed the news last Sunday. Jeanine, his wife, was by his side when he died. His cause of death, according to his official Twitter and family, was more of age-related causes. Hailed as one of the greatest among the Boston Celtics and their forever “#6”, many personalities knew him as a “gentle giant” and much more than just a basketball player.

Celtic Boston's Bill Russell's Death
Photo Source: Boston Celtics

Life While Winning Those 11 Rings

Besides being a basketball player, the late Bill Russell was a father. Succeeded by his 3 kids, Karen, William Jr., and Jacob, he tried his best to mitigate the damage racism could do to them. Karen Russell, a television pundit, and lawyer shared a short excerpt of what life was like for her father.

The man may have won 11 rings but many still discriminated against him for being black. However, his victories inspired many others. Not only as a basketball player but also as a coach. He became the first Black head coach to win an NBA championship. Moreover, he was a mentor and friend.

“Today, we lost a giant,” tweets former POTUS Barrack Obama. “As tall as Bill Russell stood, his legacy rises far higher—both as a player and as a person.”

To the Boston Celtics, he was a father and a trailblazer. He shared his stories and helped them become the champions we know today.

Words for Bill Russell’s Death: “Always Our #6”

Bill Russell did more than just shoot hoops. Off the court, he was a mentor and father to others like him in the community. To his many fans, remember that he is the man who scored more than just 3-pointers and hoops. He blazed a trail for many of our favorite basketball players today.

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