Here’s What We Know About The New COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign for the Youth

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. announced that they are looking to launch a campaign encouraging more youth to get the vaccine against COVID-19.

The Philippine government is planning a new COVID-19 vaccine campaign, this time encouraging younger people to get the shots. Speaking to reporters, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said that the government is eyeing the new campaign as COVID-19 cases rose again in the past weeks.

“It looks like we will have to conduct again, especially for young people. We’ll have to conduct again a vaccination push para mabawasan yan. Especially with the people being a little bit, shall we say, nahihirapan na nga eh, dahil sa init. Humihina ang katawan. That will make them vulnerable to COVID again,” he said.

Marcos Jr. made the statement after OCTA Research announced that COVID-19 positivity in Metro Manila rose around 14.3% as of April 27.

While a big number of the youth have received the vaccine, those below four years old have yet to.

New COVID Vaccine Campaign to be launched

A new variant

The news of a new campaign for the young comes as a new variant called Arctucus or COVID-19 XB 1.16 has entered the Philippines.

The variant reportedly came from India and has spread to Indonesia and Eastern Visayas.

More studies have yet to be announced about the variant. But in addition to the usual symptoms, conjunctivitis or sore eyes has been added as a symptom of the variant.

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