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Small Voices, Big Impact: Kids Share Their Visions for Their Future

To kickoff One Mega Group’s #TheNewPH campaign, we listen to the tiny voices that will greatly impact how we, as voters, can help shape their future. 

Commemorating our country’s hard-earned independence this month, One Mega Group celebrates the power of families to create brighter futures for their children with #TheNewPH campaign. We invited several children to join us in this feast of good intentions and continue our advocacy to protect our families, encourage every family member to stand up and speak out, all while upholding our beloved Filipino family values.

With the elections drawing near, it’s high time that we all think about our choices carefully. Part of that process is listening to what your kids have to say: how they envision their future and what they need in order to live their best lives. 

Can You Hear The Children Sing?

Part of our mission is to give the much-needed platform for the young members of our families to voice their opinions and share their dreams. Thanks to several dads and moms who gave us their kind permission to show our readers what their children have to say, we present you this collection of small voices that in time, will create ripples of change. This is as pure, raw and innocent as it gets. Let us listen, and pledge support to join #TheNewPH movement today.

Scarlet Snow Belo Kho 

Vicki (who is on this month’s cover of MEGA) and Hayden’s unica hija zeroes in on being nicer human beings. Scarlet shares, “What I want to see in the world and in the Philippines is people being kind, loving and helpful to each other.” Kindness truly goes a long way after all, right Scarlet?

Olivia Manzano Reyes

Andi and GP’s eldest daughter shares her version of a better world. “I want to see that everything is better in the earth,” starts Olivia, continuing to cite our current environmental problems. Can’t solve the world’s problems if we don’t acknowledge the challenges ahead, right? Good job Olivia!

Irina Schulze Del Rosario

Georgia and Armand’s littlest lady loves hamming it up for the camera, and she is also big on keeping our environment green and clean. “We need people to plant more trees, plant more flowers, and people to stop,” as she says indignantly, “throwing trash in the water.” A dream we fully support. We are totally with you there, Irina.

Leia Godinez Valenciano

Paolo and Samantha’s adorable little girl wants exactly what we all have been dreaming of: to live our best lives! As this little tyke shares, “I wish that the virus will go out.” Leia then adorably continues with her list of things she misses like visiting her Papi and her Mima, and ends with “And that’s the end of our story.” Isn’t she cute and smart?

Alana Arambulo Antonio

Cat and Carlo’s youngest daughter Alana exudes the same positive energy as her parents—something this world definitely can get more of. With a big, bright smile, and some of the cutest dance moves, the little charmer says, “I want hugs and kisses, I want to play with all of my friends, and no more masks.” And rightfully so. Keep smiling Alana!

Celestia and Audra Mananquil Trillo

Rissa and Paolo’s two girls talk about their love of nature (and unicorns!) and do a great job at it. Celestia then shares her wish of “a coronavirus vaccine that kids can use.” “Nice answer, Celestia!” says Audra, commending her equally smart sister. And we couldn’t agree more with this incredible duo.

Juano Santiago Reinoso

Bianca and Raoul’s little soccer enthusiast Juano tells us, “I want the future of the Philippines to have no more bad guys so we won’t get afraid.” Truly powerful, this only tells us how we as grownups need to rid our country of negativity for our young heroes to thrive (and see their fellow hero friends, too). Way to go, Juano!

Isaiah Ejercito Aguilar

As Jerika and Miquel’s little man tells us, “I want the future of the Philippines to be filled with kindness and generosity.” What an awesome example he is to his four younger siblings. Isaiah then proceeds with how people should be more loving towards one another. Now that is a future we’d love to live in. Thank you, Isaiah.

Tristan Misa Fernandez

Kelly and Carlos’ son not only shares his yearning for travel and going to the beach, he also shares a wonderful vision of his future. And in order for everyone to enjoy this, Tristan adds, “I want the virus to go away.” We are with you, Tristan! 

The Importance of Being Earnest

Parents should take care with how they engage when their children speak out our share their feelings. We don’t want to be the first people to silence their thoughts or make them feel uneasy with expressing themselves. While it is inevitable that they may say something wrong or thoughtless, you must build a circle of trust with your children.

Aside from the benefits of being in on their secrets, keeping those lines open lets you in on their beliefs and choices, and most importantly, it allows them to be confident enough to speak out when they feel uncomfortable, wronged, and when they need to stand up for themselves. As much as we want to, we can’t always be physically present to defend them from the harsher realities of life.

Through the Lens of a Child’s Eyes

By looking at the world from the eyes of our children, we are given the privilege of seeing their fears, goals, and futures more effectively and clearly. Let us offer our generous support to the good stands they make. Because as they face more challenges in the road ahead, they need to feel encouraged, supported, and uplifted for doing the right thing.

Our job as grownups is to make the journey lighter for them by boosting their confidence and showing that they—even at their current age—can change the world themselves if they choose to. Encourage this by consistently asking for their opinion and making your homes a safe space to reflect on their personal experiences. Help strengthen their convictions as early as today. Because their future, is #TheNewPH.

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