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Oh Na Na: Rainbow Vibes Everyday

Adding color to your life: the joy in accessorizing!

A pleasant surprise with every piece, Oh Na Na is the brainchild of two sisters, Tiffany Mathay Reyes and Tyzia Mathay Teves, that offers a well curated selection of customized accessories. Launched just this past June, their Instagram (already with a 10.7k+ following!) is eye-catching and bursting with optimism, it’s hard not to feel a sense of joy while browsing their vibrant feed. 

Oh Na Nana’s pieces are colorful, fun, wearable and oh so “yummy”

Self-confessed shopaholics, Tiffany and Tyzia were encouraged to start their passion-project-turned-business by their husbands, who figured it would be worthwhile to share their love for accessorizing with everyone. As busy mamas, it made a lot of sense to do something they truly enjoy- creating and putting together extremely fun pieces. To stay true to their taste, they began working on a brand that would translate their different personalities through their collection.

With every opportunity comes its challenges

Tyzia and her husband Javier Teves with their kids Nicholas, Sailor and Marina

Tiffany admits that launching amidst a pandemic was actually risky, but they were certain it was something they had to do.

“These pieces brought us that little piece of happiness and distraction during all the uncertainties, that we wanted to share it with everyone else. We’d like to be known for our playful pieces that help uplift the mood for whoever wears them.”

A familiar setting for every mom, they are also faced with challenges when it comes to running a business while raising a family. With time management being their main concern, they add that It’s really about designating work space and time to make sure that everything gets done.

Tiffany with her husband Jerome Reyes and their son Kona

As the pandemic has forced the sisters to be completely hands-on on Oh Na Na, even their mom lends a hand from time to time! When asked about working together, they talked about how it has its own set of challenges, but worked it out by having designated tasks and roles in the business. Tiffany explains, “We’re both very much involved in the creative aspect of the brand since that’s the part we both enjoy. Tyzia is more hands on with the purchasing and sourcing of the materials that we create and curate while I handle all communications with the customers to be able to create the exact pieces they want.”

Drawing inspiration & good vibrations

It’s clearly seen in their work that this radiant duo is on a mission to spread fun and happiness. Everything that goes through their creative hands are pieces they would use themselves or something that they would love to have. “Even before Oh Na Na, we were always drawn to colorful things. There’s just something about fun-loving, quirky accessories that instantly picks you up.”, says Tiffany. A valid formula to complete and compliment any outfit or mood. 


Tyzia chimes in to enthusiastically say how she loves everything that they have made for Oh Na Na, the reason being the heart that goes into everything they choose. When asked about specifics, she opted for the Good Vibrations & Infinity Stones Collection because of the quality of the stone beads and the vibrant colors available. They are reminiscent of her grandmother’s vintage accessories which she enjoyed playing with growing up. She further explains, “It’s such a big plus that they are made of stone – I actually never have to remove them. I wear them every single day.”

A personal favorite for Tiiffany is the Uno bracelet, which is a unique combination of classic elements and their colorful tile beads. “It’s special to me because it’s a piece I designed. Definitely one of our popular statement pieces.” 

She also adds that the Memory Stacks, also reminiscent of her childhood, is another favorite which was fun to curate and name during the creative process. 

Big plans & a bright future

Tiffany and Tyzia making their momma proud. Here they are with their mom Raquel Mathay

Given the current situation due to the pandemic, it’s wonderful to see a humble yet hopeful business like Oh Na Na thrive and adapt. “We try to adapt in little ways, serving up some happy quotes that inspire us hoping we can motivate and inspire others too. We believe it’s the little things in life that matter most and that we can make great changes just by doing little things with joy and care. In the end, it’s all about the happiness we bring to other people.”

With so much buzz surrounding Oh Na Na, these mamas are aiming even higher. They have their sights set on expanding into a lifestyle brand, reflecting their bright and bold characters, aspiring to excite and empower everyone around them. 

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