Omegle’s Closure Brings Relief to Parents

Omegle, a website that randomly pairs people online and mired with controversy, announced its closure after 14 years.

Omegle, a popular free video chat that pairs random strangers, has officially closed on Thursday, November 9 after 14 years.

“Operating Omegle is no longer sustainable, financially nor psychologically,” Omegle’s founder Leif K-Brooks announced on the website’s letter. “Franky, I don’t want to have a heart attack in my 30s.”

While he praised his team and has welcomed “constructive criticism,” the attacks on the website “have felt anything but constructive.”

Omegle's Closure Brings Relief to Parents

Parents can express a huge sigh of relief on Omegle’s closure

While some may be sad for Omegle’s closure because they can meet people online, parents can express their relief. The site’s popularity grew at the height of COVID-19. But it was also marred by many controversies.

The site has been accused many times of being a tool in the rise of sextortion cases. Most especially involving children. In 2021, a woman sued Omegle who said that at 11, the website paired her with a 30-year-old man. In the complaint, the woman said she was forced by the man to send her photos naked and videos engaging in sexual acts.

A similar case in Australia was also reported in 2021 wherein a man used Omegle to look for underage teens for sex acts.

Reminder to parents: Guidance is a must

While the closure of Omegle brings a small relief, there are still other websites that can lure kids and teens to meet strangers. With technology getting advanced and the economic challenges, it has become a challenge for law enforcers to catch perpetrators of victims. But if parents cooperate and remind their children to be careful and are being a constant guide to them, it can save lives and their future away from harm.

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