OWNDAYS Has Contact Lenses Now!

Your fave (and super-convenient) optical shop has added contact lenses to its product range — whoop!

It’s no secret that we moms are all about convenience. Which is why we’re such big fans of OWNDAYS — a one stop shop for all our optical needs. We love how they’re conveniently located in our favorite shopping malls, making dealing with eye care SO. MUCH. EASIER. And now, OWNDAYS has has it’s own brand of contact lenses, Clear Vision! Here’s what we found out…

Clear Vision by OWNDAYS

If you’re looking for contact lenses that are all about comfort, breathability, and visual performance — Clear Vision is your best bet.

It’s perfect for everyday use because the lenses are made from naturally wettable and breathable third generation silicone hydrogel material, made out of 48% water. This makes the eyes hydrated, healthy, and fresh all day long!

Always getting things in your eye? Us too! Clear Vision lenses are made out of super thin material which minimizes the discomfort of a foreign objects in your eye. It also has a superior shape retention ability that lets them maintain their shape when placed on the finger. Plus, it’s easy to insert and remove the lens when you’re in a rush.

Sweet deals from OWNDAYS

Need a new pair of lenses? Head over to OWNDAYS for a free contact lens trial (for customers who’ve been assessed for contact lenses at select OWNDAYS branches).

So what are you waiting for? Head over to OWNDAYS and get an in-store eye exam from PRC Licensed Optometrists and get your free contact lenses!

For more information about Owndays Clear Vision as well as its other eyewear solutions, check
out their official Facebook page or visit their website.

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