P-Pop Group 1st One Relates Being Big Brothers to a Problem Child

P-pop group 1st One recently released their newest song “Problem Child” and they gamely answered how they would explain it to a young child.

P-Pop group 1st One recently released their newest single “Problem Child.” Although the song channels a Mission Impossible vibe, the boys—Ace, Jayson, Joker, Alpha, J, and Max—showed their brotherly side with some of the kids from Gawad Kalinga for an art gallery visit along with their sister group DIONE.

Modern Parenting got a chance to interview the boys and asked them how they would explain the song to children as well as the responsibility of being a role model for today’s youth.

Explaining the song “Problem Child” to a child

Ace, who serves as the group’s leader, answered that explaining their song to kids is like shaping them early. “Children are like blank paper. So as long as they are still children, it’s easy to hone or shape how they are thinking or how they are going to live their life in the future. So it’s very important na kahit yung bata na iyon na akusahan siya ng problem child, ang tendency pag na akusahan ka, you back down kasi mali ka.”

“But definitely the only way to describe that to a child and instill that to him or her is to say that no matter what you are accused of, as long as you’re doing the right thing, keep on doing what you’re doing,” he added.

Alpha, who is one of the group’s rappers and main dancers, admitted that their song is rebellious but believes it’s important to stand for what you believe in.

Max echoes Ace and Alpha’s answers. “Basta maniwala kayo but not in a rebellious type. May manner pa rin. So kung sa tingin niya napupush na kayo sa core niyo, be patient lang doon sa pinaglalaban niyo na tama.”

Lessons that parents can learn from P-Pop artists

Jayson, who is the group’s youngest member, shared that he’s aware parents always want the best for their children. He encourages them to support them in whatever endeavors their kids want.

“I think if gusto ng mga anak nila to pursue being a performer, being an artist, I think the best way is to support them rather than force them to let go of what they want,” he said.

For J, he hopes that their journey serves as an eye-opener and as a passion. “Na-aachieve din yung individuality. Nakakapag-inspire din kami ng mga tao. And nakakatulong din kami sa bansa natin where naangat namin ang OPM.”

P-Pop Group 1st One with Gawad Kalinga kids
Photos from PPOP Convention

On the responsibility of being a P-Pop artist and role model

Being public figures means a lot of eyes are on them. And they are aware of the responsibility of being a role model.

“I think the best way para ipakita sa mga susunod na henerasyon is yung pagiging totoo mo sa sarili mo,” Joker said. “Gusto ko ipakita kung paano yung thinking ko kasi I think iyon yung tamang daan para mas ma explore mo yung sarili mong character.”

Alpha echoed Joker’s statement, saying it’s hard to pretend nowadays in the era of social media.

“Mahirap imaging plastic sa community nation ngayon. Lalo na madaming fake news and everything. But just be yourself and be humble.”

Ace for his part mentioned that being a role model is welcome for him. “While we are in our youth, it’s best na gamitin yung pagiging youth namin to number one, inspire the kids. Number two, to show them na ganito yung tamang way of this type of manners, like respectful ka. Kahit magaling kumanta, always be humble.”

“As an artist, meron kami mga kanya-kanyang craft na pwede namin ipagmalaki so dapat humble ka din. So, we’re just going to show who we really are. Be truthful sabi nga because that’s the core value that kailangan ma-instill sa mga bata.”

1st One will perform alongside other P-Pop groups at the Araneta Coliseum for the P-Pop Convention on March 19. Tickets are available via Ticketnet.

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