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Packed For Summer at Home: Our Top Picks This Season

Staying in for the summer? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. As you create more memories with the family, don’t forget about protecting yourself with these must-haves from Watsons

On March 26, The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) officially announced the start of the hot dry season, commonly known as summer. You may have gotten used to the annual routine of this time of the year being perfect for beach trips, weekend drives to nearby provinces, or outdoor family activities. But for the second year in a row, summer is much more contained. Finding alternative ways to spend the summer indoors is the challenge, and this time around, more than finding new ways to make the hotter days more exciting for the family, protection remains a priority.

So, whether you plan on having joint workout sessions out in the yard for a full body sweat, learn a new hobby, or even organize noontime activities with the whole family indoors, you should still keep your summer must-haves nearby. As the biggest health care and beauty care store in the country, Watsons ensures that staying safe and protected is easier by offering affordable and effective products. Just in time for summer, we have rounded up a list of #WatsonsHotSummerPicks to keep you and your family protected this summer, no matter what activity.

Beat the heat with sunshine safety

Stepping outside to soak up the seemingly never-ending sunlight for a change? After long days cooped up in your rooms, getting a bit of warmth on your skin can recharge your spirits. Make sure to keep the Nivea Sun Protect and Moisture and Nivea Sun UV Face Anti-Age Face Cream handy for your skin’s protection as all the vitamin D flows through you. Remember to also use these while you’re indoors because UV rays that enter your house through windows and UV radiation from blue light emitted by gadgets are harmful to your skin.

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Unbeknownst to some, exposure to the summer heat can make your skin lose its natural moisture, making it feel dry faster. Be prepared to face the heat by making sure your skin stays moisturized all day with the Vaseline Healthy White Instant Fair Lotion.

Summertime freshness

From all the physical activities kids love to do out in the sun, help them get rid of that sticky and sweaty feeling in the bath by using the Bioderm Soap in Pink Bloom and Coolness. More than just giving your kids that fresh-from-the-shower smell and feel, Bioderm also helps keep their bodies germ-free. That’s one less thing to worry about!

Don’t forget that oral health is still important, even if the days of going out and meeting new people daily are gone. Keep your oral health in check this summer season by using the Oral-B Cross-Action Indicator toothbrush that has perfectly angled bristles which removes plaque even in hard to reach areas.

If all the motion and play has you or your daughters stressed out, keep the ladies of the house protected and comfortable with the Whisper Pure Cotton Soothing Regular and Whisper Pure Cotton Unscented Regular. For added maintenance during red days, Naflora Protect Feminine Wash gives you that much-needed comfort.

New self-discoveries

Not too eager to be out in the sun? You can still make the most of your summer indoors by exploring more of your personal style. Apart from online retail therapy or a bit of home redecoration, why not give your hair a little refresh as well? Make the most out of this summer by trying the Kolours hair color in Solenn Ash Brown or Chestnut Brown, giving you their signature Intense Visible Color from root to tip. Other shades in the spectrum are also available for you to transform your look and help build your unique style.

Always protected, come what may

The end of the amihan season means a change in winds, resulting in more dust particles moving indoors and outdoors. Couple that with the extreme temperatures around us and you have a recipe for unwanted bodily reactions or allergic triggers. Stay ahead of any sicknesses by taking Enervon C Multivitamins, a nutritional supplement to help promote increased energy and enhance the immune system.

If the changing conditions got you or your little ones scratching their skin and you need immediate relief, the Betadine Skin Cleanser protects your skin from problems caused by dust and relieves any itchiness or foul odors from the summer heat.

All these products, and more, are available at Watsons stores nationwide this summer. With over 800+ stores nationwide, Watsons takes steps to bring safe shopping closer to you at this time through its online website, mobile app, and call & delivery service. 

Ensure you’re protected with all your must-haves through the different ways to shop safely at Watsons. Shop online or with the Watsons mobile app. Use their call & delivery service at select Watsons stores. For more information, you can visit and follow their Facebook page.

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