Pan 101: 5 Pan Essentials for the Kitchen

Confused with so many pans to choose from? Here are 5 basic pans you should have in your kitchen.

Admit it or not, many newlyweds can get overwhelmed when getting gifts or being in the kitchen if they’re not used to it. One of the most common wedding gifts couples get is a set of cooking pans. But not everyone is well-versed in cooking with them — let alone storing them and cleaning them. Some even use one pan to lessen the clutter in the kitchen!

We’ve rounded up five basic pans you need to know for their use and as kitchen essentials. Once you build your knowledge in the kitchen, you can buy more.

1. Non-stick pan

Non-stick pans can be lifesavers if you know how to use them well. It’s often used to cook eggs, fish, and other foods that tend to stick when cooking.

When you wash a non-stick pan, please make sure to use a mile dish wash and water. Scrubbing it might destroy the inside of the pan so be delicate.

2. Cast Iron pan

A good cast iron pan is a must because it’s versatile. You can cook a good protein like steak or make biscuits on it. If you’re in for the old-fashioned bread, why not make a cornbread too?

Cast iron pans can be heavy so be careful carrying it around. Oh, you can bring it to outdoor activities when cooking also!

3. Saucepan

A saucepan comes in handy for a first-time cook. While making sauces can be done with other pans (hence the name), it can also be used in boiling eggs and even doing macaroni and cheese. So it’s definitely an advantage if you have a good sauce pan to use in the kitchen!

4. Frying Pan

All hail the frying pan! Also known as a skillet, frying pans are the go-to for many in cooking as they can sauté or do quick easy recipes.

5. Wok

Pans in the Kitchen: A Wok

If you’ve been watching a lot of cooking shows, chances are you’ve seen some cooks use a wok. The work is a deep-rounded cooking pan often doing a lot of stir-frying. It’s so versatile that it can be used for frying, steaming, and boiling food.

Always remember to clean and take care of the pans!

Like any kitchenware or silverware you get, it’s important to take care of your pans and pots. Kitchen essentials are expensive so always remember – to clean and store them properly after use.

Heavy pans like cast iron pans should be stored away from kids to avoid accidents. After all, the last thing you need is a kitchen accident caused by pans.

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